The apartment is a small apartment with a couple of rooms. My roommates are my friends from school.

I would use the whisk for beating eggs for breakfast or mixing ingredients with it.

I'm going to use a wire rack to cool food that was just in the oven like cookies.

I'm going to use this to measure liquid ingredients.

I'm going to use the knife to cut fruits and vegetables and I'm going to use the cutting board to cut them on.

I would use a ladle if I made soup and use it to scoop the soup out of the pan.

I would use this do get orange juice or lemon juice.

I'm going to use a toaster to make toast of pop tarts and I'm going to use the tea pot to make tea or boil water.

I would use these pots and pans for cooking on the stove.

Check that the oven and other cooking appliances are turned off before you leave the kitchen.

Keep electrical appliances away from water to avoid shocks. Stay away from electrical sockets, especially if your hands are wet.

If you burn yourself, tell an adult immediately and hold the burned area under cool running water.

Don't put knives or other sharp objects into a sink full of water. Someone could reach in and get hurt.

Watch out for sharp knives. Let an adult cut or slice foods or help you do it.

Never put water on a cooking fire -- it could make the fire bigger. Ask an adult for help! You can put out a cooking fire with a fire extinguisher. If the fire is small, it can be put out with baking soda or smothered with a lid. Leave the house and call 911 if the fire has leaping flames.

Don't put cooked food on an unwashed plate or cutting board that held raw food. Always use a clean plate to avoid cross-contamination and germs.

Never add water to a pan that has hot oil in it. It could make the oil splatter and burn someone.

Always turn pot handles in toward the back of the range top. This way no one can bump into them and knock the pot over.

Keep paper towels, dish towels and pot holders away from the range top so they don't catch o


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