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I went to Gallery 25 in Ogden. It is a gallery that displays local artist's art work. The pieces varied from paintings, to photographs. to abstract pieces and to realistic work. So there is basically some of everything. There were a lot of cool pieces that I saw. The gallery made me feel intrigued and interested because there was so much variety.
The media the artist used in their painting to me looks like oil painting. This painting consists of a donkey who almost looks like it is looking back at someone or something while walking under an arch. The arches look like a basic tunnel or barrel vault type of stone architecture. The main big elements I see being used in this piece is color and space. It's not a colorful painting but the colors are natural for what you would see with stone architecture. There's a sense of foreground where the yellow arch is at, and the donkey is in the middle-ground, and the background is the last few tunnels. This piece in particular reminds me of the middle east or somewhere in Egypt from the architecture style.
The medium of the artwork is definitely a textured type of paper. The principle of emphasis is on the texture and on the swirls and the paper because you can see the lines in the paper. The swirls seem to be brighter and pop out at you. If you look closely it looks as if there are air bubbles to add to the texture and glitter. The element of line is a huge visual component in this because the whole piece is composed of continuous curved lines, which leads the eyes around the painting. It almost reminds me of Egyptian art because the shape because the Egyptians had a shape similar, except it was more of a squared off circle they put on many things.
I loved the many colors in this one. It looks like the medium is oil paint because of how smooth everything looks. The content in this is a simple landscape with extravagant colors in the sky. The water is reflecting the sky's color and the colors contrast with the plain colors of the trees and grass. The painting doesn't remind me of any time period of time discussed so far because not many landscapes were done. The main focus of art was religion, rulers and Gods, not landscape.
This is another abstract piece of art. Its content is that of a fire place with two chimneys, a teacup with a nose, fire, and geometric shapes for design. The artist used the element of shape using basic geometric shapes such as squares and circles to portray the image. The principle of movement looks evident here because the chimneys seem to still be growing from behind the cup. If you look at the cup and the walls, they are shaded by the stippling shading method. The drawing is pretty monotone except the fire has color.
The medium of this painting looks like pastels. When I look at this piece it makes me feel warm and calm. The element of color and texture helps make that happen. The smooth surface of all of the objects makes me feel calm and the piece has warm and cool colors, but the warm colors stand out more. The balance of the piece is asymmetrical where the weight of the objects on both sides of the candle seem the same because there are more objects on one side, but bigger ones on the other.
This one definitely stopped me, it is so odd to me but intriguing with all the faces. A big element of design in this is color because there are so many different colors that are used along with their many shades. The color of everything leads your eyes everywhere. The principle of art I think was used is variety. All the faces look different even though they consist of the same features. I couldn't think of an outside influence or what this reminds me of except abstract art that a lot of artists do nowadays.

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