Samson Cycles 7-speed Vintage Ladies Bikes- Mint Green Tegan Florance


This mint green bike is a throwback to the old fashion ‘classic’ bicycles with rather large tires, a front basket and a suspendible and adjustable seat for comfort. The Samson Cycle 7-speed Vintage Ladies Bike is a very aesthetically pleasuring Classic looking bike. It’s main features are that it comes in two different sizes such as (145cm-165cm) and (165cm+) to suit specific needs. The bike is aesthetically pleasing and marketed for girls and women.

Key factors that affected my choice

I choose this style of bike because of its unique and vintage feel. Other aspects of the bike such as the colour and the basket for storage helped me decide this is the bike I desire. Popular reviews have shown that the bike is comfortable to ride, covering hundreds of km with ease. Some others include a Rear Derailleur, Stand, and Shifter. It is the right price for me and has the right features and its very stunning.

Where I will buy my good

I have chosen to buy this bike from an online store '' This was the best option for me as it is very convenient for me to purchase and get delivered as I am a very busy person and don’t have the time to drive to get the bike myself. I was able to get a list of all the specs and features on the website, where it was detailed very clearly. It is also much quicker in comparing prices and ‘Samson Cycles’ also offers 12 Months FREE gear and brake adjustment servicing, unlike many of the other stores.

Two alternative payments for my good

Payment Method I will use

I will be using my MasterCard with is a credit card as I can repay the cost at the end of the month, instead of worry about the cost needing to be payed straight away. It is a very simple and easy payment method for online shopping.

Problem Flow Chart


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