STEAM How to make a monster

Project outline: To create a monster students will work collaboratively to engage in a design project and synthesise learning from across steam disciplines.

A monster is

A monster is a creature or object that has a backstory that has traumatised them to think differently or it's nature is aggressive?


Gravedigger is a murderer he wields a mace and a shovel he has a dark secret he is a ghost. When he was alive he was a grave digger and while digging a hole a group of troublemakers pull a prank while he was working and when he fell in the grave caved in he was buried alive. Soon after a ghost wrapped in a black robe appeared out of the grave with his shovel fused with his hand and in the other a mace that was a gift from the devil himself to get revenge on the troublemaker that killed him.

Mind map Questions
Comparing monsters
Monsters could be thought as evil
Examples of monsters

Our monster:

-our monster is aggressive and is wearing a black cloak to hide his ghostly figure.

We are using mindstorm to make our monster
First Prototypes for our robot
The final product of our animatronic

Revision:While making my robot I have found that we did not have the correct Lego pieces to make the animatronic that I originally wanted to make so I changed the design to a more practicle use so it would make a skeleton of a monster.

Second prototype


Created with images by DariuszSankowski - "dinosaur gad mammal"

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