#RedForEd in the Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board Resolution Supporting Educators and #RedForEd

#RedforEd is a grassroots movement started by parents and teachers as a way to stand up for Public Education. Its mission is to connect, enlighten, and stand strong for Public Education in America. As part of the movement, teachers have united to participate in walk-ins and walk-outs, the difference being that walk-ins are when teachers, parents and education supporters wear red and gather at a flagpole or other central locations in front of their schools to talk with parents about conditions in educational settings. In a walk-out, teachers are not present in their schools and if supervision cannot be provided, schools close.

The Pendergast Governing Board passed the resolution below at the Board meeting on April 3, 2018. Additionally, the district recently showed their staff support by continuously focusing on healthy working environments, professional development and listening to our staff.

For far too long, we have forced our educators to listen to us and they are ready for us to listen to them. It is a myth that teachers work only nine months and have cushy jobs. Teaching requires not only advanced degrees and training, it is one of the most challenging professions but the one that creates all others.

The teacher shortage in America has hit epidemic proportions and will continue to get worse. We hear over and over that people do not want to enter a profession where they do not feel like they can make a living wage, are treated with respect, and have the constant challenges of high class sizes, extreme demands and lack of support. This must change.

I have encouraged staff and families to join me and wear Red for Ed. I, along with our supportive Governing Board will continue to bring attention to the plight of teachers across our state and stand up for them, but most importantly we will listen to them and their vital message. They are our hope and we fully support them and their mission to create a bright and promising future for our students.

- Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux, Pendergast Superintendent

Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board Resolution

Supporting Educators and #RedForEd

Whereas the Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board recognizes that the funding for schools in Arizona is a billion dollars below 2008 levels; and

Whereas the Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board is witness to the consequences of this chronic underfunding and sees the negative impact to teachers, staff, students, families, our community and our state; and

Whereas the Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board has supported and worked for solutions to fund teacher pay raises and other educational needs, only to see the Arizona Legislature fail to stop enacting tax cuts that run counter to our efforts; and

Whereas no one has worked harder nor waited longer for raises and restoring the money for resources for their classrooms and schools nor sacrificed more than our teachers and support staff; and

Whereas on behalf of our students and families, we cannot allow this crisis to continue without a plan to address these issues, we support our school employees as they make their demands known for the necessary funding for a meaningful teacher pay raise and education funding;

Whereas we are confident our community, including parents, families, caregivers, business leaders, teachers’ families, school district administrators, neighbors and friends will support our educators as they participate in #RedforED advocating for what they need to educate our children and secure the future of Arizona.

Be it resolved that the Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board is in full support of our educators and stands ready to take steps necessary to improve salaries and working conditions for our school employees.

The Pendergast Elementary School District Governing Board urges the Arizona State Legislature to work urgently on behalf of the children and families in our State to take swift and meaningful action to develop a viable plan to pay teachers the professional salaries they deserve.

Resolved this 3rd day of April 2018

- Governing Board President Senator Martin Quezada

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