Dolly Parton By: Paige v.

Dolly Parton won seven Grammy's by age 55. She also won 9 golds by age 48 and more. She also had a day named after her, a Dollywood amusement park and a Dolly museum based on her.

Dolly Parton was born a one room cabin of Little Pigeon River in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee on January 19th, 1946.

There were some important events in the beginning of Dolly Parton’s life but it was only the beginning. First of all she had a pretty big family. Her mother was married by age 15, and had 12 kids by age 35. Dolly was the fourth child of her family. Her siblings and her would play tackling games and rough around with each other a lot. A little later on Dolly started making money from her music at a young age at 12 years old she had her first job singing on a radio show. She sang on TV before her family even owned a TV. She got paid $5 an show. She won $250 in a contest and bought her family a TV. Soon Dolly worked hard to become a star in Nashville. At 12 she sang at the “Grand Ole Opry” afterwards her and her uncle slept in their car. Her uncle drove her to Nashville to perform and record. At 18, the day after graduation, she packed up her belongings and got on a bus to Nashville to become a star.

There were even more important events in the middle of Dolly Parton’s life. Dolly got married to a man named Carl Dean. They got married May 30th, 1966. Dolly and Carl had to go to Georgia to get married because it couldn’t be in the paper cause her producer thought it would hurt her career so they didn’t tell anyone but her mom. Dolly and Carl’s family was different than some other families. They did not have any kids but they did raise many of Dolly’s younger siblings. Dolly and Carl bought 75 acres in Brentwood, Tennessee to build their dream house. Dolly won many awards. In 1966 she won “Song of the year” for “Put it Off Until Tomorrow”. She also won seven Grammys, she has eight and platinum records and more.

And Dolly didn’t stop there. Her career also had many important events in it toward the more recent part of her life. Dolly created Dollywood in 1989. Dollywood provided 900 seasonal jobs. In Dollywood there was even a museum based on Dolly Parton added by Dolly. Dolly also organizes a non-profit Dollywood Foundation where nearly 50,000 toddlers throughout 12 states receive hardcover books. Dolly’s foundations also give out scholarships. In 1987 Dolly released the album “Trio”, which won a Grammy and several country music industry awards. Trio was also certified platinum for its sales for one million albums. She was also found a creative spark with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris.

There are many additional interesting facts to Dolly Parton’s life some of them will include things about her music career. Nobody used to like that Dolly’s voice sounded different. While she was performing people would yell rude things, sometimes she would come off stage crying. People were rude to Dolly for six to eight months. Dolly ended up getting people in country and pop to listen to her like with her song “Mule Skinner Blues.” “Mule Skinner Blues” was number three in billboard, and the number one record in the world. Dolly had a day named after her called Dolly Parton Day in her hometown Sevierville, Tennessee. Dolly Parton Day was made by Porter in 1970.

All in all I learned that Dolly Parton is a very interesting entertainer. She has also won many awards. I can only imagine how she will go on to amaze us, and I can only wonder what she will do next.

Dolly Parton has only been married once. She got married in 1966.

Dolly Parton became famous at the young age of 13.

Dolly Parton has been nominated for an award 411 times.

She has had plastic surgery many times. It's believed that she had it very young.

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