Photos of our Maui vacation Napili Bay, Lahaina, and mercifully... just a few of us

We're Oregonians who love Maui. Our favorite place to stay is Napili Bay, a short drive from Lahaina. Here's photos of our most recent visit -- May 2017. I've put them in a "glideshow" format, so scroll down and glide away. Each photo has a bit of commentary from moi, Brian Hines.

Arriving late in the day from Oregon, I grabbed my camera and headed for Napili Beach as the sun was setting. The colors kept changing, becoming ever more vivid.

Another first-day sunset on the beach photo. That's Molokai in the background.

From the deck of our room at Napili Shores resort we could see a woman getting a close-up view of a large sea turtle. I was happy to have a good telephoto lens.

Another photo of not-shy Mr./Ms. Turtle. My wife, Laurel, hugely enjoys snorkeling. I don't. So it was nice of this turtle to give me an above-the-surface view of it.

Napili Bay is a gorgeous Hawaiian beach. Good for snorkeling, swimming, boogie-boarding (my favorite activity), and just laying around.

Mostly the waves were small during our week on Napili Bay. Fortunately, some days the waves were big enough to play with on my boogie board. (Not this day.)

This is a view from our usual beach spot toward Napili Shores and its popular Gazebo restaurant, on far right.

People- watching and ocean-watching kept us enthralled on the beach. Sometimes I'd bring a book with me, but I rarely opened it.

Kids can have fun in any amount of waves and water. Longing for bigger waves, I'd envy children enjoying the mild surf.

This excursion boat would cruise by most mornings in the channel between Maui and Molokai.

As would this one, heading in the opposite direction.

Sometimes the waves would tease me: looking like they were breaking enough to boogie-board on, but they really weren't. I'd end up riding the wave as it broke close to the beach. Better than nothing, but not like the Napili waves in winter or early spring.

Sitting on the beach, I'd fantasize about being King of Napili Bay and ruling "If you are on a stand up paddle board, you must STAND UP."

But then I'd realize that rules were made to be broken.

This family had a pre-snorkeling conference in the shallows as they got ready to head into the water.

When I looked at the photos I took, at first I couldn't figure out what the object was in front of the little bird.

The next photo on my camera card gave me a feathered clue. Pigeons love Napili Beach.

Ah, the optimism of youth. The waves will never wash over me! Until... they did.

I gave the girl holding the boogie board extra matching-credit for how well her pink-themed attire went together.

In the late afternoon, the play of light on Napili Bay created a whole different silvery atmosphere.

I spent a lot of time gazing at the world through and over my knees. Laurel, my wife, is the little black dot out in the bay about 3/4 of the way to my right knee.

We've seen this local woman and her dog on previous visits to Napili Bay. The dog now needs a canine life vest to swim with her. She throws the ball toy ahead of her to entice her aging dog to swim toward it.

They have a ritual at the end of their swim. She takes off her flippers and mask, and the dog carries them out of the water one at a time and drops them on the beach. Charming.

Here's Laurel, looking good at, um, the age that she is.

And here I am, looking like I look at -- I'll say it -- 68. I was pleased to find that I could still swim across Napili Bay and back with my special sidestroke style just as easily as in my younger days. See:

We're traditionalists who like to use woven beach mats bought at the Napili Market. Way better than a towel, in our view. Here's Laurel knocking the sand off of her mat.

In the evening, several times we went to Lahaina for shopping, food, and people-watching. Front Street is wonderfully quirky. Here's a motorcycle riding dog.

The Cheeseburger in Paradise corner is always packed with people.

We saw this guy riding his bike with a parrot perched on the handlebars each time we went to Lahaina. Nice t-shirt, dude.

The amazing Lahaina banyan tree looks pleasingly eerie at night. It is one tree, with multiple trunks that have rooted from the top down.

On our last night we ate dinner at Frida's Mexican restaurant at the end of Front Street. Our table had a nice view. Great food for vegetarians like us.

When we got back from Maui, there was lots to do. Our grass had grown a lot in the time we were gone. After I mowed, I took this photo of our rural south Salem yard to remind myself that, yes, Maui is beautiful. And so is Oregon.

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