Broken Dreams Reef Kennedy

My story begins with my dad and mom. I never knew my mom and dad. They gave me to my grandparents and I grew up with them. My grandma used to say a bit of a glitter on what otherwise had been a lousy day and small thing make u feel better.

I am here for my part of the sentencing I have to hopefully learn to make better choices in the future. I went to the school and told the kids about my sentence telling them why I'm here and what I did to get where i am i think this was the best for me I learned a lot. Robbie asked me how much money d'ya make doing this? I told the boy I don't get cent for doing this. If i didn't do this i would be in jail. This girl asked me did someone get in trouble for puttin' you in same place as that girl I smiled. No its no ones single person's fault this is where the judge put me. Image havin' to go to a place like this and tell total strangers what a jerk I am, the idiot I am like its not the best feeling.

I learned that mistakes can make my life better because I can fix them in my future. I learn that if I don't fix what happens now u will never fix it.

I bet Leeza will never forgive me for what happened for throwing a rock at her car.

I was mad. Okay I wish I could of never did that to Leeza . Now hates me her mom hates me she told me to get the fuck out of the hospital. Like now I have no chance to be with her can i fix this one. And I'm not the best person. Like I break things like the green house I throw a rock at that and I have to pay for it and i fixed it myself I was so proud.


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