A new study says a pig's behavior depends on its personality

Main idea: The main idea of the article is about how pigs behavior depends on it's personalty. 1. in the third section it tells you about a test they did, and the results showed how the pigs recreated when in different rooms. 2.in the first section the article says "A new study finds that just like humans, pigs can be optimists or pessimists. They can be more hopeful or more hopeless. The pessimists are more strongly affected by their current environments" 3. In the last section the researchers said "These findings could explain some of the inconsistent results between animal cognitive bias tests."

Thinking steams 1. It's interesting that pigs in a fancier room felt different and how there personalty changed. 2. I have a connection to when I was watching a experiment and a person would did two groups, one he did in a more negative voice, and two he did in a welcoming voice. And the results, the negative voice-negative results. And the positive voice nicer results.

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