Pine Grove Middle School Virtual Art Gallery 2021 Art Under Quarantine II

Ellis Reed (b. 1946) is an American photographer and photojournalist. Reed was the first full-time black photographer employed by Magnum Agency and the author of several books, including Black In America. Several of the photographs from that project have been recognized in juried shows and exhibitions.


Identity: refers to the qualities, beliefs and personality of a person. Identity is who you are, the way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you.

Alon F.
Isabella W.
Anna M.
Kairi H. and Sebastian W.
Delaney E., Mikaela D., Peyton D.
Arianna R.
Lillian M.
Katelyn F.
Alaina M.
Andrew C., Dylan D.
Anastasha C., Asher C., Evelina N.
Maddie J., Jekaiyla C., Marcarlo R.
Miranda M-J., Katy C.
Jordyn W., Christine O., and Stella L.
Morgan W.
Katey L.
Kaylee P.
Mahlet N.
Keira K., Max H.
Dipesh B.
Nicole L.
Nicole L.
Process A.
Lillian H.
Molly F.
Olivia D., Saffiya C.
Newell G.
Conrad G., Alon F., Gabrielle G.
Veronica A.
Ryan M.
Sidney N.
Andrew C. and Lillian H.
Han N., Zoren D., and Corbin G.
Keziah J.
Morgan W.
Nathaniel B., Samaiah P., and Rand N.


Amina N.
Andy C.
Caroline B.
Ceonna K.
Payton G.
Sahil K.
Daniel K.
Justin R.
Excellency I., Katelyn H., Leslie M., Madison B. (counter-clockwise from top left)
Keian P.
Caroline B.
Merab W., Payton G., Andy W.
Ahmir M. and Gurleen H.
Lindsay V-C.
Guillermo H-G.
Ruby B., Madison B.

Love Your Tree Poster Campaign

Promoting Healthy Body Images

Eric H.
Eric Hunt
Alon F. and Anastasia C.
Ava C. and Bella F.
Capser C.
Allison R. and Joey A.
Katelyn F. and Liam I.
Manush P. and Lily C.
Lillian H.
Sara E.
Londyn B. and Payton G
Sydney N.

Object Representation

Artists see things differently. This helps them draw and paint objects accurately as well as show everyday items in a new way. Artists use everyday objects as the subjects in their art. The familiarity of objects allows the viewer to recognize what they see and make connections. These object representations go beyond just an image of an object. They exist to express a greater theme, mood, narrative, or idea.

Anna M.
Arionna B.
Bryanna T, Ramon P., Hank K.
Anthony P., Bailey C.
Marina M. and Karalyna B.
Maira W.
Camari D., Olivia D.
Caelyn O., Kenna T., Kayla K.
Gideon M.
Cara B.
Aidan E, Akhila I, Allison R, Arionna R., Alon F., Ava C.
Franch G., Kader D.
Caroline B., Ellie F., Gabby S., Grace P., Isabella W., Nicolo S., Phil M., Rhys H., Trey B.
Jeremy O.
Ashton A.
Keila R., Lilianna W.
Alexandra L., Christopher C., Nahome A.
Kayleigh A.
Kritika K., Lauren M., Marissa M., Amare G., and Demi F.
Ella P., Graham T.,Kathryn D., Jay'len J., Ricky R., and Sophia E.
Joseph E., Julian F., Justin R., and Kent F. (from Top left, clockwise)
Maggie B.
Praise O.
Nicholas C. and Kelsey C.
Akhila I., Allison R., Ava C.
Tyla H.
Olivia H.
Vicky Z., Tyron B., Sanaa H.
Christine O., Kiet L., Kai R., Tarnvir M.
Elizabeth H.
Karen L., Kately F., Katelyn J., Madison B.
Kamal A.
Tyron B.
Ca'meira V., Benjamin A., Annabella S., Jamia L., Kamille B., and Michael B.
Makayla H., Megan H., Megan H., Paul S.
Joy Z.
Hakim J-B. ., Kelly X ., Logan E.
Madisyn J. and Maddox B.
Destani P., Emily P., and Ethan G.
Joyce R.
Ruby B.
Virginia K.
Breanna L., Fiona M., Liana G., Rand N., Alexandra L., and David E.
Anastasha C., Delaney E., Morgan M., and Sarah D.
Katelyn H., Maddie J., Sean D-A., and Tarnvir M.
Caylee E. and Nola F.
Finnegan Y. and A'Saunte K.
Tram T.
Maddie J.


Karen L.

Karen L.

Praise O.

Praise O.

Breanna S.

Bre S.

Diana A.

Diana A.

Ca'Meira V.

Ca'meira V.

Annie Y.

Annie Y.

Paolo A.

Paolo A.

Kayla L.

Kayla L.

Sarah D.

Sarah D.


Emma T.

Jayden C.

Jayden Cole

Sophie P.

Sophie P.

Alex T.

Alex T.


Adrian S-W.

Audrey d-c

Audrey D-C

Justin R.

Justin R.

Alayna E.

Alayna E.

Caelyn O'Brien

Design Thinking

Artists and designers communicate and influence audiences with images. The fundamentals of design are the foundation of every visual medium, from fine art to web design. They are even present in seemingly unimportant details, like the fonts that make up a typed article. Some very basic elements and principles, including line, shape, form, texture, and balance are the building blocks of design. They might not seem like much on their own, but together, they're part of almost everything we see and create.

Allison R., Jaden D., Riley R.
Allison E.
Akhila I., Ariana R.

Social Justice Artist Statement

My artwork looks like a poster for a black live matter protest. The name of my artwork is Black Lives Matter. I chose to do my artwork based off of the Black Lives Matter protest because it is a very important subject to me and I felt as though when I made my artwork it could spread a message to people. My artwork expresses social issues , it expresses how African Americans have been wrongly accused or prejudged just based on the color of our skin and how people should stop the hate and the racism toward African Americans and also people of color but instead spread the love. My goals as an artist is simply just to make art that i like and art that can connect to the observers. The final piece of my work is what I expected, I say that because my artwork has given the observer an understanding of the message i am trying to spread, That we should Stop The Hate and Spread The Love. #BLM

Alyssa H.

In my artwork, a poster about social justices, it features two basketball players. One of them is a girl, while the other is a boy. On their side, they have different things, such as the boy has more training equipment and merchandise compared to the girl. At the top, there is a slogan which states, NCAA- Where gender matters more than skill. To create this artwork, I first started with a sketch of the poster. I began deciding on what was the best layout and choice of font for the words. Once I chose the layout that best fit my idea and message, I thought of what colors would work well. In my poster I was trying to portray how in basketball, the men have more than the women. For example, they get more equipment in their locker rooms and gyms than the women. They also get more shirts and shoes and uniforms for the year, making it unfair. This was a challenge for me with adding all the small details, as that is not my strength. I believe that I did a good job with the structure of the poster to clearly state the problem with the division between the two genders.

Abigail B.
Cara B.
Delaney E.
Delaney F.
John T.
Jordan H.
Cara B.
Ava C.

Merab W.

My artwork represents diversity. In my artwork you see the quote, "There is strength in diversity" written in bold print. Underneath the quote you see different skin colored hands raised in the air. Diversity means to understand and recognize individual unique differences. This includes race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. In this piece of artwork the utensils I decided to include were, pencil, marker, and color pencils. It is important to respect different kinds of diversity.

Riley R.
Zachary C.
Katy L.
Molly F.
Oma E.
Khamille D.
Lilianna W.
Livia D.
Maya B.
Minh-Chau L.

Surpreet S.

My poster is a burning Benjamin Franklin, I mean a $100 note burning because it shows how inflation decreases the buying power of money and we don't have a sustainable minimum wage for that. It also has green and black letters that make the title and the slogan. I created this poster using adobe spark, it is a free tool anyone could use and is user-friendly. I show bold emotions in my poster buy using a big both title. My goal for the poster was to show the inflation visually. My overall thoughts about my poster is that it's very inspiring and it was very fun to work on.

Ruby B.

I picked to make a poster about an Environmental issue, and that issue is Deforestation. The poster I made is a painting of two trees that will be cut down so that new college dorms can be built right where the trees stand. The title I am giving this poster is "Deforestation At It's Best" because in the painting I made it shows two tree's that have blue X's on them indicating they will be cut down, there are signs below the trees stating "blue means remove" and "New college dorms coming soon". In this painting I am indicating one the most obvious situations of deforestation happening around us now. My goal for this piece of artwork is for people to understand that they themselves are destroying the natural beauty around us without even realizing. To make this poster I put great thought and effort into something that we see constantly around us everyday, so that I could express that value and importance that people are taking away from nature.

Sara E.
Anna S.
Sara E.
Carl W.
Caylee E.
Ava G., Balikis T.

Alon F.

My artwork is a collage type of artwork representing the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement. The collage is organized into it shaped into the symbol of BLM, a clenched raised fist. I created my artwork on my phone using photo editing apps/software. I used picsart, phonto, and magiceraser. I took images representing BLM and I made them fit into the shape of the fist and I erased the overlapping image to show to details of the palm creases. The goal was to represent the whole BLM movement into one artwork. Overall I think I could have used a bit more images of the big things or events that happened during this movement. I'm more of a photo editing person rather than actual drawing so I might do more editing in my future artworks.

Brooks V.
Elliot K.
Samara K.

Sidney N.

My artwork is a reflection on pollution and how it visually impacts the Earth. I incorporated dark colors that created texture and symbolized how everything went from being bright to dark in a matter of not caring. As well as simple mistakes that would technically “cost us the world”. I used various techniques to create my artwork, I used a dry brush and jabbed watercolor onto the base color to create texture. I also shadowed some darker lines onto areas that needed it, to create a 2 to 3 dimensional figure. The big idea behind my artwork was to really shed light on the consequences of pollution, or the future based on it. But I wanted to communicate the emotions of despair, carelessness, and the rotting part of pollution. My goal for the artwork was to give others an understanding of the social topic as well as to make it look, not realistic but as possible as it is. My overall thoughts on my artwork is that it does show the effects of pollution and how it impacts everything around us. I guess my perception of the topic, flowed onto becoming something visually appealing as well as creating awareness.

Julia Faye P.
Maira W., Katelyn F.
Madison B, Maira W., Londyn B.
Ozichi N.
Payton G.
Casper C.
Katelyn J.

Katelyn F

My artwork depicts two people shaking hands with an American flag in the background. I created my artwork by first outlining everything in pencil. Then, I traced the text in black colored pencil. Lastly, I colored in the two hands shaking and the flag in the back. The big idea behind my art is that we need to build each other up. If we keep breaking each other down, we won't get anywhere. We need to help and support each other. Not separate ourselves because of our differences. I hope this artwork will be able to convince people to stop judging people for their differences and make them start celebrating similarities. Overall, this turned out better than I expected. I can't really draw hands so I think this was a step in the right direction. Just because skin, religion, or love interests are different doesn't mean that they are that different from you.

Eric H

Virginia K.

My artwork is based on working hard to make your dreams come true. That is why I made reality, big and bold because it was one of the main purposes of the poster. I think that the bright red color made it more important because it was really eye-catching. I made make your and a just a basic black color and small because it wasnt one the important things in the drawing. I made Dream cursive to make it look more soft because when your dreaming your probably relaxed and I feel cursive represents that. I used pencil to sketch out the drawing and colored pencil to color it in. Some skills that I used were a little shading on the letters and cross hatching on the pillows. My idea was to help inspire people to go after their dreams before giving up on them. My parents inspire me to work hard so I can reach goals. I think this artwork helped to reach people because I think it could be a good reminder. My final thoughts about this artwork is that it turned out pretty well, I might want to add maybe like a background but I like it. This artwork could help influence my other artworks to figure out what positions I should keep certain pictures or words or what fonts to choose.

Ellie Frey

My artwork represents trying new things and stepping outside of your personal limits to experience something different. That is why the picture of the box and the word "box" are drawn darker and more dull, symbolizing that sometimes change is good and that we have to move on from the old things to experience the new things. For this poster, I used my colored pencils to color parts of the words and to add a color ombre in a few of the letters. I also used my regular pencil to add outlining and different shading on the box letters at the bottom of the poster (the sad gray color of the pencil led is what gave the box letters a more dreary effect). For the word "outside", I used a scribbling technique with my colored pencil to make the grass look more rich and full at the bottom of some springtime styled bubble letters. I think it is definitely my Dad who inspired my artwork. He is the one who is always pushing me to try things that are harder so I can get better and learn from my mistakes. The whole reason I made this poster was to encourage myself- and others- to try new things and to learn from your mistakes. For my artwork, one of my goals was to really emphasize the dull, plain feel of the box, and even the word "box" to show how limiting repetitive actions can be sometimes (even something so little like singing the same song over and over). This is why the poster is encouraging the opposite. My final thoughts are pretty positive, I think I did really well. I appreciate the shading, but I think I would've liked some more color. I really like the message it says to people, especially me.

Alyssa H., Katelyn F.
Gabrielle S.

Gabrielle S.

My poster is called "Marriage is About Love, Not Gender." It is a poster for same sex marriage and I used watercolor paint in order to fill in the letters. I chose black for all of the letters except for "Love" and "Gender." Instead of using black for those letters, I made it rainbow colored as the pride flag consists of colors of the rainbow. Next, I drew hands positioned in a specific way and made the sleeves pink, purple, and blue. I used acrylic paint for the sleeves, however I treated it as if it was like a watercolor so that it could have a watercolor effect. Of course it did not blend as well as the actual watercolor did, but I really like how vibrant it turned out. The hands were the hardest to draw. It took several attempts to find a good positioning, and I tried using the blind contour technique- and I think it worked pretty well. Overall I love how my poster turned out, and I'm glad I was able to put a part of my identity into my artwork because the LGBTQ+ community is something I'm very passionate about.

Casper C.
Gabriella J., Griffin B.

Spaces Outside


Joseph E., Julian F.
Allison R., Ava G.
Ruby B., Terry F.
Dipesh B., Gianna C.
Gabrielle S, Zariel A.
Alex T., Caroline B.
Grace P., Isabella W.
Katelyn J., Londyn B.
Sarah D., Sophie B.
Terry F., Zachary C.
Jayden C., Katelyn F.

Have a safe and creative summer

The Pine Grove Middle school Visual Arts team


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