NIÑOS written and illustrated BY jAN sCHULTZ

This is a story about three children. Every weekend, Cynthia, Sandra and Julia visited their grandparents. They lived in a small, rural village in New Mexico, with dirt roads, where pink and red hollyhocks and yellow sunflowers grew tall around the adobe walls in front of their grandparent's house. On Saturday afternoons, the ice cream man came down the road.

Pushing his cart and ringing his bell, he yelled "Strawberry, Lime and Orange!" "Helado, Sorbet, 25 cents." He spoke using a mix of both English and Spanish words, like most of the people in the village.

When the children, who had been playing in the back yard, heard his bell they came scampering up to the porch.

"Grandpa, Grandpa, can we have some?" the children pleaded.

Grandpa smiled. "Have you done your chores?" he asked. "What do you think mother? he asked grandma. "Oh give the children the money Jose!" said grandma. Reluctantly, but with a twinkle in his eye, grandpa reached into his pocket to retrieve the money and handed each child a shiny quarter.

"Thank you Grandpa!" yelled the children over their shoulders as they ran to catch up with the ice cream man.

The first to catch up, Cynthia said "I will have the strawberry". "And, I will have the lime" said Sandra excitedly. The girls held out their hands, each with a quarter in it. "And what will you have?" said the ice cream man to the smallest child. "I would like orange sherbet said Julia, her eyes captured by the lovely orange color.

Walking back to their grandparents house, Julia swirled the creamy orange flavor around in her mouth. The sweet cold sherbet gave her an ice cream headache but didn't deter her from catching every drop as it began to melt.

They climbed up on the adobe wall to sit and enjoy their ice cream. Grandpa's dog Sandy sat just below, licking their toes and waiting...just in case Julia dropped her ice cream.

It was a wonderful summer day with family and best of all, with ice cream!

The end.

Niños, original painting and story by Jan Schultz

About the artist: Jan Schultz lives with her husband Don and dogs Kylie and Panda in sunny Yuma, Arizona.

About the painting: Jan grew up in a small town in Texas. On weekends, her parents took Jan and her older brother to spend the weekend with their grandparents who lived in the city. On Sundays, to ensure good behavior in church, her grandmother gave each child two quarters. One quarter was for the offering plate - a lesson in giving. The other was for ice cream after church. In this painting, Jan captures a moment in childhood, with imaginary sisters Cynthia and Sandra (two childhood friends) and memories of visits to her grandparents house. Some of Jan's favorite things are adobe houses, hollyhocks and sunflowers and the color orange. Sandy was the name of her childhood dog. Jan (Julia) in the story, was always the "smallest one".

To learn more about Jan and her art, visit her website.

Created By
Jan Schultz


All text and images copyright Jan Oliver-Schultz

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