Interior & Exterior Natural Stone Designs SEAHAZE SEA and SEAHAZE SAND

Extra-Large Formats, Fresh Colors, Exciting New Finishes

In today’s landscape and interior design concepts, natural stone can be used to create an antique or old-world look, but it also is a great choice for contemporary patios, pool decks, terraces, pool houses and any interior living spaces. With extra-large pavers and tile (2'x2' sizes up to 4'x4' and other custom sizes (rectangular or square) for slabs, treads, countertops, you can design what you dream.

SEAHAZE SAND running bond in 12"x24" and SEAHAZE SEA (blue selection) border

With a variety of different (and new) surface texture finishes, you can create diverse looks ranging from an old world to modern/contemporary look with honed, brushed, Suregrip Moleskin, Early Etruscan, bush hammer, micro bush hammer, saw cut, split face finishes or even a hand-antiqued finish for that "old-world motif" impact.


6"x6" tile hand antiqued old world motif

SEAHAZE SEA 24"x48" honed tile is extremely durable flooring for any residential or commercial application.

We produce in various thicknesses and extra-large format sizes for interior tile, slab or exterior considerations such as pavers, coping, treads, wall cladding/veneer, driveway/car park systems or architectural accent pieces such as fountains, park benches and outdoor kitchens/bars.

SEAHAZE SEA (grey selection) large format pavers + radius coping (14"x42"x2")

Textures are shifting away from more rustic tumbled, rounded edges look to clean lines, square edges on tiles, pavers, and coping. In addition, tone on tone texturing can beautifully enhance the aesthetic of your flooring design. Adding an interesting trim or pattern through the addition or utilization of various surface finishes, can achieve the added interest desired. For example, new finishes such as micro bush hammer, Suregrip Moleskin, Early Etruscan finish, among others, is a soft and subtle approach to adding interest without changing the material itself.

Top left Color/Finish: SEAHAZE SEA/Early Etruscan; Top Right: SEAHAZE SAND/Suregrip Moleskin; Bottom Left: SEAHAZE SEA/Bush Hammer; Bottom Right: Midnight Sky Marble/Micro Bush Hammer
SEAHAZE SEA (special purpose grooved finish)
SEAHAZE SAND Pavers, Treads, Coping. The SAND color can also be produced in vein cut.
SEAHAZE SEA-SAND MIX is a standard production out of the quarry.

Ask us about our driveway system and cladding products (photo on right - bush hammer on back for solid grip when applying to concrete or other surfaces, split face on front) to complete your landscape!

Thanks for viewing!

"Early Etruscan" & "Suregrip Moleskin" are trademarked surface finish names of Gothicstone. SEAHAZE SEA AND SEAHAZE SAND are trademarked product names of Gothicstone. Photos are copyright 2019 Gothicstone.




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