Damere White's Self portrait

My Sister, By Jennifer D. Brock

This poem goes with my aspect of brotherhood because if you read this poem you can see how the person feels when he saw his sister for the first time, and that is that's the same feeling I have for my sister, unconditional love, and a feeling of thanks. All I could think about is are future together, me visiting her and my parents and she comes running towards me screaming my name. I feel I could be a very good brother I hope to teach her a lot, I would also be a helping hand to my parents also at the same time I could sit with and watch her if they would ever leave on a date or something.

Said The Toad, By J Patrick Lewis

This goes with my aspect of youth because during the struggles of growing up and trying to find your self you go through many obstacles and in this case "muddle", or "riddles". The person has to fight there way throughout all of his situations to put his all into solving there riddle. This deals with me also because I had to go through difficult times, such as breaking my thumb I had to overcome not being able to use my dominant hand. So I strived to not behind in work and I used my other hand.

A Brother, by Breanna Burrage

This goes with my aspect of brotherhood because I see my self as a "best friend" to my baby sister. As it says in the reading that being a brother isn't just sitting there, just living in the same house with your sister. It's much more, such as teaching her things and loving and supporting her through everything. So I picked this poem because I see myself being able to do that.


This goes with the aspect of me loving the sport basketball because as it says in the poem "It's not just a game that involves a ball, it's about a rise and a fall" and I truly believe that if you never fall you won't ever have the feeling of picking yourself back up. I'm a hard work and I try my best to be the best of my abilities and that's another thing this game is about.

On Cooking, By Braxton Reid

This goes with the aspect of my passion for cooking because I feel that when I'm cooking for someone I can keep my cool and this poem shows how you really need to keep your self together. Because as the poems say treat the customers like hungry guest. In each dish one must put his/her blood, sweat and tears into the meal.

Basketball by, Amanda K. Hill

This poem goes with my aspect of loving the sport named basketball. Because when you play the feeling you have when you touch the ball and making a shot unspeakable. As it says in the poem when you feel the basketball you get a cool feeling, I find that to be true, it's a great feeling. Basketball for me is fun to watch and to play.

Sister by, Kelli M. Kotthoff

Being a big brother is a wonderful feeling because when your baby sister looks at you and giggles, smile it just puts a warm feeling in you heart. As it says in the poem your sister is your best friend I find that to be true, when she grows up hope she would think of me all the time, anytime she need me I hope she would just give me a call and I'll be there to help her. And that's why this poem fits in the aspect of being a big brother.


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