Toquet Hall Arranges "Game Night" Ella Bloomingdale '20

Toquet Hall, located in downtown Westport, is a secret treasure for Westport students who are looking for a fun and slightly competitive game night with friends. Indicated by a little sign at the end of an alley right off State Street, Toquet Hall is a good resource for students and for many different Westport events. According to All in Events, “Toquet Hall is the non-profit, municipal teen center for the Town of Westport, CT under Youth Services.”

Once every week, Toquet Hall hosts its popular “Game Nights,” which allows Westport students to come and participate in all sorts of fun recreational games with good friends. Ranging from board games to online computer games, this event attracts many Staples students.

A few younger Westport students gather around to play against each other in a board game.

In addition to game nights, game tournaments are provided a few times every Staples school semester, but due to popular demand, they have been occuring more often recently.

Kevin Godburn, Youth Services Program Director for the Town, has been working in this position since 2001. Not only does Godburn enjoy organizing game nights, but also the many different types of events that Toquet Hall has to offer.

Two staples students participate in a tournament against each other.

“We do some movie nights, gaming obviously, comedy, theatre and the Staples Players will be here in March for a show” Godburn said. “We also have a lot of programs on the weekends, during the week we have drop in hours and during Staples midterms we will be a quiet study space.” Toquet Hall not only provides for fun and safe environment for Westport students to hangout, but also offers good resources for school and other programs.

The turnout of Staples students is very successful. Calvin Carson ’20, the president of the Teen Governing Board, has been to around 50 of the Game Nights at Toquet Hall, and is an avid participator. “They are fun, they happen often, and I enjoy playing board games, video games and card games” Carson said.

A group of Westport Students compete against each other in a riveting board game.

So even though Toquet Hall might not be something that catches your eye, it is a treasure worth finding. To participate in “Game Night” is free, but to enter the tournament is $5. Whether you are looking to play a few fun card games, study for your midterms or sing on the stage, Toquet Hall is the perfect recreational space to do so.

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