IoT platforms are the revolution of technology

If you do a simplistic search on the internet’s search engine for the “Internet of Things”, aka IoT, it will yield almost 22 million results. This is not just because of the vast IoT platforms in existence, it is the vastness of the IoT itself. In spite of having all the available of information on IoT, understanding the implications of exponential expansion of IoT is not an easy task.

A rough approximate will shows that there will be about 25 billion to 50 billion connected devices by 2020. The benefits of IoT platforms are boundless, and with rapid advancements IoT platform and technologies are widely published. They concentrate on making lives easier, with a fundamental approach to eliminate monotonous tasks for human beings.

Now, imagine a world where tasks like these happen all by themselves; you wake up and the kettle turns itself on; you walk into your house and the lights turn on or you leave and they turn off; you walk to the door and car turns on; your drive to work is synced according to the traffic lights and your route; you enter your building and the rest of your day is met with other such automated tasks.

Despite the possibility of such advancements, very little legislation or government control ensuring the progressive development of such technologies or IoT platform is being conducted. This lack of awareness towards the development of IoT platforms that help us to build our lives better and progress is something that has put a large question mark on the evolution of humanity.

This deprivation begs us to ask some questions to reach clarity such as what requirements can be quantified for private and government organization to validate that the development of IoT platform and technologies can be carried out securely; and what shortcuts can developers get access to implement and integrate IoT platforms with the our daily live products and then consequently bring them to the market.

The outcome if this is achieved would be revolutionary. It would be the new Golden Age of human beings. There would be development and changes to our lifestyles that would be unprecedented. Not civilian communities, but industries would benefit from different IoT platforms. There is a huge shortfall of IoT technologies in our world and quite often than not it has not been realized that remedial tasks can easily be carried out and are actually very cost effective as well.

IoT platforms are in constant development, both software and hardware; although such platforms require extensive integration. Moreover, the lack of interest has stunted the growth of such a beneficial progress. It is widely believed that by the year 2025, the IoT will be spearheading on many fronts.

IoT platforms are in constant development, both software and hardware; although such platforms require extensive integration.

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