Learning About The American Revolution Jacob conard

Colonists was furious from taxes

One of the events that happened was the Townshend act. It was about putting a tax on Tea, Glass, Paper, Paint, and Lead. The Effects on the Colonists made them angry and furious.

Five Colonists died

Another event that happened was the Boston Massacre. It was a good example of British cruelty and as shots fired, five colonists died. This told other colonists that they got to do something about the Massacre.

Colonists as Indians throwing the crates out and into the harbor

A third event is the Boston Tea Party. The colonists were mad about the taxes, then they came up with a idea. They disguised themselves as Indians and dumped out crate after crate of tea destroying it from a docked ship into the Boston harbor.

Intolerable Acts

Fourth event was the Intolerable Acts passed by the British consists of four different acts also setting more restrictions on the Colonists, and the Boston Harbor was closed. A punishment was having colonists covered with hot tar and have feathers on top of the tar, so it can stick and they would look like a chicken

The Fifth event is the First Continental Congress which was a meeting of 12 out 13 colonies got together and discussed things. The main result was the creation of the association calling for a boycott of British goods.

British kept sending troops and colonists had low ammunition.

One of the battles in the revolution was the Battle of Bunker Hill. The winner was the British due to low ammunition for the colonists and the many numbers of British soldiers that kept on coming and conquered Bunker Hill.

Quebec was Mightily fortified

A second battle was the Battle of Quebec. The Americans wanted to capture the Quebec fort that was occupied by British troops and the attempt for the colonists to capture Quebec failed. The British was mightily fortified and the death of Montgomery also leading to major losses and one of the first major defeats in the Revolution.


A Third battle is the battle of Brandy-wine. The British won the battle of Brandy-wine. The British came in with high numbers of forces causing Washington to have his men retreat and abandon their posts and head for Pennsylvania due to the British coming in strong forces.

An outcome for the American Revolution was that the Americans won because they won some of the major parts in America.

Another outcome is that the Colonists won because the British just wanted to stop and also aid other forces around the world.

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