Triangle Factory Fire Created By:Ariel Estrada

Essential Question

What contributions did Chief Croker makein efforts to better working conditions after the Triangle Fire?


On March 25, 1911 it was 4:45pm. Everybody was getting ready to go home not knowing about the tragedy about to happen. Then against the rules they think someone lit a cigarette and threw it into a barrel of flammable cloth. The barrel bursted into flames. There was cloth everywhere hanging from the ceiling to spread out all over the tables. The fire was spreading quickly. Everybody was trying to find exits but everyone was shoving each other. The doors opened inward so they couldn't get out. It was chaotic people were screaming and 146 people died. The fire wasn't the only reason people died that day. The other reason was instead of burning to death in the fire people were jumping out of the windows from ninety-five feet in the air. Nothing was there to catch them so they landed on the sidewalks and died.

Who was Chief Croker and what did he do?

An important person involved was Chief Croker. Chief Croker was inspecting the building after the fire. He was also held up upon a testimony during the court session from this event. Chief Croker helped create 30 new labor laws and change building designs in case another fire happens. 30 new labor laws were created. Also there were changes in public buildings. For example, doors open outward instead of inward, schools have fire drills, and every room has fire extinguishers.

In Conclusion

On March 25, 1911 a fire started in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Over 150 people died and injuries. From this Chief Croker inspected the building and helped with the testimony. There were 30 new labor laws and changes in public buildings. Chief Croker went one step forward into help saving more life's in the future.

Triangle Factory Fire tragedy


Created with images by Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "Firefighters spray water on the Asch Building trying to put out the Triangle factory fire blaze, March 25, 1911"

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