Nick Vujicic By: Nicole Lock and Mary Paige Rowsey


Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on December 4, 1982. He was born with phocomelia, which is a disease that causes the body to have no arms or legs. However, he has 2 feet, but they are small and misshapen. When he first started school Nick was bullied by the other kids because he was different. The abuse by his peers led Nick to have severe depression and anxiety. At the age of 8, he tried to commit suicide in his bathtub, but he realized how guilty his parents would be, so he decided to end his suicide attempt.


After his suicide attempt, Nick realized he had a choice on how to react to his disorder. That is when Nick started developing a relationship with God and his faith helped him move through the challenges he faced. As Nick got older, he decided that his disease wouldn't get in the way of him living a normal life. His parents inspired him to try doing things on his own such as, brushing his teeth, washing his hair, and swimming. At the age of 19, he started to travel the world and share his story with other people that struggle with challenges, too. Also, Nick overcame his challenges of fearing he would never find love; after a year of dating, he married Kanae Miyahara. Then in 2013, the couple had a son name Kiyoshi. In 2015, they had another son which they name Dejan Levi.


We learned that no challenge is too difficult when you have God at your side. Nick's story has inspired us to try new things no matter how difficult they may be. Although, we don't have as big as challenges as Nick had, we can chose our attitude towards our adversities. We learned from Nick's story that with a positive attitude you can live life to the fullest and never take things for granted.


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