Teddy Roosevelt By: Garrett Passmore

He had asthma as a child but father made him stay active, which made with him an outdoorsman for the rest of his life.

Then wrote a book on Naval war, which became very well studied for strategic information.

He married Alice Hathaway on his 22nd birthday. She then sadly phased away on Valentine's Day shortly after giving birth to their daughter.

To get his mind off of his wife and mother passing away, he moved out west and went ranching for awhile

Came back to be assistant secretary of the Navy. Shortly resigned after. Proceeded to go to Cuba and lead the rough riders, came back, became New York governor and shortly after became Vice President.

Roosevelt campaigned on the "Square Deal" which had the three c's, Conservation, corporate busting, and consumer protection. He then was elected as the youngest president ever at 42 years old.

After second term he hand picks Taft as next president and goes on African Safari for a smithsonian.

Giving a speech to re run for president and is shot in chest. Decides he will call his party Bull Mouse party.

He then retired and was aggressive towards Woodrow Wilson. He tried for another safari but was too weak. He went to bed one night and didn't wake up in the morning.


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