What is a boycott? A boycott is basically the protest against a organization or business for a certain period of time. Boycotts have had a tremendous effect on the history of American and our lives today. Overall boycotts have changed our society greatly and have had a impact on laws and injustices in our community. Boycotts can be simple as not using a certain brand of a item or something larger like not using a transportation network. In our history there have been many boycotts that helped change our lives and become more equal. But all boycotts have a purpose and can make a huge difference.

Great American Boycott

In the photo above it shows the Great American Boycott and all the protesters on the street, not going to work, school or even purchaseing things from stores. They picketing and protesting to raise awareness of this issue and to help make a change.

On May 1st over 1 million people did not shop, go to school or even go to work. This was called the Great American Boycott that was striving to gain full rights for immigrants workers and there families. Some rallies were held in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other places. This boycott was ignited by a recent March that happened and people demanded that they have equal rights. The protest was assembled by a announcement on April 10th, 2006 by The March 25 Coalition of Catholic groups.In the protest most of the people that participated were Latino and many held Mexican and El Salvadorian flags. Most people called this protest "A Day without Immigrants". When doing this protest the immigrants hopes were to have more equality.

Summer Olympics of 1980

In the first photo it is the Olympic Rings. In the second it shows the Summer Olympics of 1980. In the last photo it shows a front cover of a magazine that is saying to stop the fighting and we will stop boycotting.

In the year of 1980 the president of the United States Jimmy Carter made a huge choice to boycott the olympics in Moscow until the soviet troops left Afghanistan. As a result 60 fellow countries did the same as the US. But some countries let the athletes go to the olympics but under certain conditions. After this they did not take there troops out of Afghanistan for 8 more years. The people that were effected by the protest were the athletes that did not compete and also the tv company's lost a great amount of money because people did not watch the olympics because some did not participate in them.

In this short clip it shows the president of the United States opinion 1980 and his choice to send US athlete to the summer olympics in Moscow.

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