Wrecker Request Overview A wrecker Rotation program from pscs

The Main Menu allows the user to easily navigate throughout the system. All of the forms return the user to the Main Menu when they close.

Caddo Parish Sheriff’s deputy using the WreckerRequest software

"The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office Communication Division has been using the WreckerRequest software since April, 2007. It is a valuable tool for record keeping and has done away with the need to keep hard copies of our wrecker logs. It was easy to learn and was customized to fit the needs of our agency. I would recommend this software to any agency who is looking for an efficient way to simplify your wrecker callouts and make the record keeping more efficient." Tonya Reeves, Director of Communications (Retired), Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, Shreveport, LA.

The No Preference wrecker form

When a No Preference wrecker request is made the form opens with the next wrecker automatically assigned from the rotational list. Wrecker company phone numbers are displayed prominently so the operator can make the call without having to look up the number.

The Shreveport Police Communications Division began using the PSCS Wrecker Request program in January 2017. “SPD Communications officers recently implemented the new Wrecker database software. Immediate improvements noted in wrecker dispatch, record maintenance and daily reporting. Looking forward to utilizing year-end report module.” Lieutenant Brian K. Wheeler, Shreveport Police Department, Communications Services Bureau

The Preference wrecker form

When the vehicle owner has a preference for the wrecker company they would like called, the Owner Preference form is used. All wrecker companies in the area are listed for the operator to select from. Owner preference does not affect wrecker rotation.

An operator searching the wrecker request records

The operator can search past wrecker request using the back button and also search any field on the wrecker request form.

The Dealer Preference wrecker request form

Vehicle dealers often have a preference for the wrecker company that is used and in those instances the Dealer Preference form is used for the wrecker request. When the dealer's name is selected the associated wrecker company name automatically populates the form.

The Master Wrecker Phone List provide a handy online phone directory of all of the wreckers in the system.

The Wrecker Request software comes with canned reports or can be linked to the ODBC compliant report writer of your choice.

Program can be customized to fit agency needs using the Table Maintenance menu.

The Wrecker Request software can be used as a stand alone, single user program or in a client/server multi-user environment.

For additional information contact: PSCS, Attn: Arthur Meacham, 846 E Washington St, Shreveport, LA 71104 or arthur.meacham@go-pscs.com.

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