"The Divine" BY: Michaela LEwellen

The Spatial Experience: The performers really used the design of the theatre to their advantage. The stage wrapped around the first section of seats, and throughout the performance, the performers would make their way behind the first section to create a bigger effect during that scene. I was in the first section, so I had an amazing view most of the time. Before the performance, I snapped this shot of the lobby, which was decorated beautifully, and added to professional atmosphere.
The Social Experience: My friends all took Good Life last semester, so I had to attend alone. I sat in between strangers, but even being strangers, I was able to connect with them when we laughed during the same parts of the play that we both found funny. A big part of the Good Life is sharing your experiences with others. Doing so makes these experiences more memorable, especially when it is with those you love. This is a selfie of me in the same spot I took my first picture, but after the show. Clearly, I thought the show was really enjoyable, even though I attended alone.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This performance really made me appreciate the society that we live in today. We have a lot freedoms that we take for granted. In this play, the church forbid that Sarah Bernhart perform in Quebec City. Of course, that did not stop her, but everyone was trying to get their money for their tickets throughout the play because of the church's opinion. It is crazy to think that the church had that much control over their lives. I did not know much about the subject matter before attending the play. Since I saw it, and stayed after for the talk, I am now much more educated on the struggles of the poor versus those who had more money, and the way that the church had authority over the people. I do relate to this because I am Christian, but I would never let the church dictate my life the way they tried to do in the play. I follow the Bible, not the church's opinions.
The Emotional Experience: One of the parts of the play was the fact that Talbot was raped by a priest, one who was supposed to be his mentor. It is one of the most emotional parts of the play, when Talbot tells his story to Michaud and Brother Casgrain. It is not a pretty side to humanity, and most would rather not speak about it, even though it is not an uncommon event in our culture. "The Divine" showcases how the church tries to hide this horrible thing because they did not want it to look bad on them, and it is not right. It is an appalling side to humanity. Not only did the rape happen, but that the church, the people who are supposed to be an example for Christ try to cover something like that up! There is also the death of Leo, and the fact that he is working as a child under terrible conditions, rather than going to school. As Americans, we like to act like there are not people in other countries in deep poverty, dying of hunger, or working in terrible conditions in factories making some-odd cents an hour. We like to ignore these facts, but this play brought it back up to our attention, even though it was placed in the 1800s.


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