Owner's Manual for Dr. Susan Garza

Product Description

I have two grown daughters, and a granddaughter named Katie, shown in the picture below with her cat, Mittens. I have been here at TAMUCC for 20 years and I am currently the coordinator for our MA English program. The last picture shows four of our students who recently graduated.
My Fur Babies, who are all rescues, and Mawli was found here on campus as a tiny kitty. You can tell they have a hard life, lol.
I love to travel. Here I am in London with a long lost relative, lol. The guy in the bathtub is my travel buddy sweetheart, and the guy on the fence is my colleague that I am working with on a project about the US/Mexico border area. He is actually sitting on the border fence, somewhere in Arizona. And the cover photo is a sculpture in Barcelona.

Here's a link to an article that my colleague and I wrote that will soon be published in the online journal Open Words.

Intended Use: I want you to think of me as your colleague, as a resource, and as support. I want you to be the best you can be, and give you tools that you can carry with you to make you more successful in whatever future career you have.

How to Assemble: The best way to keep my head from exploding is to be actively engaged in our discussions and interactions. Unfortunately, I think most people think online classes should be about just getting a ding from the professor with directions on how to read/write something up and then dropping the work in a dropbox somewhere. We can do all the things we would do in a F2F course, and I always need to interact with my students. You've all been in classes where even if you were in the traditional F2F environment, there wasn't any interaction going on :)

What I Look Like in Action: Here I am conferring with my Online Teaching Assistants about snack time.

Operation and Maintenance: Here's how you can help me :)

  • Do your best
  • Keep up with the schedule
  • Be helpful and encouraging to everyone in our learning community
  • Think about and apply the things we talk about. So when we have a discussion on why asking how long an assignment should be is not active student-centered learning, don't turn around and ask me how long an assignment should be.
  • Only email me when you have a personal issue. Posting your questions in the Updates is one way we interact as a group, and your question will probably help others.
  • Refer to me as Dr. Garza or Dr. G. I'm not an Mrs. Getting names and titles correct is very important, and shows that you are responsible.
  • I'm sure there are others....

When Things Don't Go Well and How to Fix It: It's certainly easier to hide my expressions in an online environment, so we have to learn to interpret moods in other ways. If I point out something that could be done differently, or handled differently, try not to feel like it's a bad thing. I'd rather a teacher let me know something I'm not aware of, rather than being embarrassed down the road in a real world setting. For example, we won't do formal "grammar" (more on this later) lessons, but I may comment on individual points I see as they come up. Again, this isn't to embarrass anyone, but to help us all learn as much as we can.

Focus on what writers do - not on what we can do to students...


All photos were taken by the author.