Female Tattoo Artists Amanda "lady" fugate

Amanda has been tattooing for about 4 years as of the beginning of 2017 out of Ambition Tattoo, co-owned with her husband and fellow tattooer Danny Fugate, located in Knoxville, TN.

Although Ambition has only been open for four years, Amanda "Lady" Fugate has been tattooing for 10 years after meeting her husband, Danny, at a convention in New Hampshire. Since then she has developed her own unique style and attitude when it comes to tattooing in this male dominated industry.

While she calls herself "the worst feminist ever," she definitely can't be called conformist. Her station is filled with an eclectic collection of art, toys and alcohol which she describes as "a mess of all her favorite things."

She gains inspiration for her works from actually talking to her clients, instead of telling her clients what they should get like some artists often do. She then takes their ideas and transforms them with her unique style.

In addition to tattooing, Amanda also saves time for her own artwork. Since she is in the store six days a week, she sometimes finds the time to work on paintings. Although she has never attended art school or classes, she picks up what she can from books.

Being a "bad feminist" Amanda avoids drawing attention to the fact that she is a female tattoo artist, instead she lets her bright pallet and artistry speak for her. Instead of standing with women, she'd rather stand on her own.

Except when it comes to travel, that is. Her favorite, and often times only, travel buddy is her taxidermied chick, Rodney. When they aren't on the road, Rodney stands watch in Amanda's station.

While she avoids being associated with her husband, by refusing to use his last name when she travels to conventions, her style can speak for itself. Big bold lines, in a net-traditional style and watercoloring techniques are how people can easily spot her work.

Tattoos and line-work done by Amanda "Lady" Fugate.


Photos outside of gallery belong to me.

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