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There is beauty everywhere, in everyone and in every precious moment

I discovered photography at the age of 14 when I took photography classes in high school. My parents got me a nice SLR camera and I became the photographer in the family, until a day during a trip through Europe when we got our camera stolen. For almost 20 years I kept using point-and-shoot cameras to keep capturing all the beautiful moments throughout life. But one day, inspired by friends who took their nice cameras in our hiking trips, I decided to invest in a new SLR camera, this time digital, a Canon Rebel XT. And decided to learn all that i had missed for so many years! I went to explore all that i could about photography and soon after i started pushing the boundaries using my technique, my eye and my creativity to capture the purest essence of each moment.

The key aspects of my photography is to capture beauty, with the right light and at the right moment. Every type of photography requires different skills, techniques and equipment. Each poses different challenges and has a particular charm. I invite you to see my photography work and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Wedding Photography

Family Portraits


Yoga Photography

Pet Photography


Creative Portraits


This project was born from a collaboration with my friend and talented photoshop artist Christine Sun

Engagement Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Landscape Photography

Urban Photography

Wildlife Photography

Blue Eyes Project

Thanks for checking out my portfolio, I hope you enjoyed it! If you are interested in a photoshoot please email me at: ernesto.diaz.flores@gmail.com

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Ernesto Diaz Flores


Diaz-Flores Photography

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