PLAYWORKS UTAH Report to Investors & Community - 2nd Quarter 2016-17


Meaning, Mastery & Community

Happy New Year to all of you who are integral in this work of making sure that every kid grows socially and emotionally through play at school every day. I am honored and humbled to part of this community that is so dedicated to the future of our kids and our communities.

In speaking with a 5th grade Junior Coach at James E. Moss Elementary it dawned on me that what his needs in life and from school are not different than my own. He talked about how he loves being a Junior Coach because it feels great to help other students resolve conflicts and that he now looks forward to going to school everyday. He was expressing his desire to find meaning, mastery & community in school. Through his training as a Playworks Junior Coach he developed a mastery of leadership skills that enable him to find meaning in his work. In return, he has become an active and engaged member of the school community.

Essentially, this is what we all are looking for. Unfortunately, it appears that many people in our communities and our nation can't seem to find meaning, mastery & community and it has led to great divisions. My hope for our work and for the future is that we can give every kid a sense of meaning, mastery & community every single day at school. I share in your belief that social/emotional skills development serves as the basis of this discovery in children and play is the vehicle to empower this growth in children.

It is with tremendous gratitude that I report to you, our investors and community, about the progress that Playworks Utah has made so far in this 2016-17 fiscal year. Please enjoy our 2nd quarter (October - December) report to investors and the community!

With Gratitude,

Christopher Conard

Executive Director, Playworks Utah


Last year, our board and staff set an ambitious goal that 175,000 Utah children in 250 elementary schools will be experiencing safe and healthy play by December 2020. In the 2nd quarter we continued to make great strides in moving toward our aim!

You can view our strategic plan here:

We started the 2016-17 school year with the following mix of our 3 services:

  • Coach (15 schools) - AmeriCorps program that places 1 full-time coach at a low-income elementary school.
  • TeamUp (16 schools) - One Playworks Site Coordinator works directly and consults with 4 schools at a time.
  • Pro (19 schools) - A Playworks certified trainer provides professional development to school staff and administrators

That is 50 schools serving 28,600 Utah children in 5 different schools districts.

In the 2nd Quarter we launched a pilot program called Junior Coach Corps and have added 8 additional schools in 2 new school districts serving an additional 5,000 Utah children.

As of January 1, 2017, Playworks Utah is now serving almost 34,000 Utah children in 59 schools.


Playworks continued growth and expansion is a direct result of the support we receive from our philanthropic partners. The 2nd Quarter was active in terms of renewal partnerships and new partners that will help propel our work into the future. Year-to-date, we have raised $609,688 of our budgeted goal of $746,000.

In addition to philanthropic support, we achieve our budgeted goals with earned income from school fees and Pro service sales. Year-to-date, we have collected $564,500 of our committed goal ($667,000) from our 31 Coach and TeamUp partners schools. We achieved a significant milestone in our Pro sales by hitting 100% of our budgeted target ($100,000) by the end of the 2nd quarter. There is clearly a strong appetite in the market place for our programs and services and we are starting to line up school partners for the 2017-18 school year.

THANK YOU, to everyone that was involved with and sponsored our Annual Play Elevated gala in October 2016. It was reported as being our "best-yet" and we exceeded our fundraising target at that event!

Laura Seitz, Deseret News


  • Utah students, schools benefit from healthy, inclusive recess play Deseret News & | Wendy Leonard | 12-26-16


Playworks thrives off of the data and outcomes that are measured on a semi-annual and annual basis.

Results from our last year's evaluation on student engagement in school show that because of Playworks 75% of children demonstrated increased levels participation in their school community and classrooms.

Preliminary results from our Mid-Year Survey and Consultative Visits are showing strong school programs this year with almost 97% of teachers, principals and staff want Playworks to return next school year. A strong trend in program quality is the amount of instructional time being returned to teachers, at mid-year it is being reported that teachers are gaining back 7-9 minutes of instructional time per recess period when students come back focused and ready to learn.

We only had 2 office referrals for discipline from the playground all year. That's a dramatic decrease from previous years.

-Janeal Rodriguez, Lincoln Elementary

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