Cultural Identity Project Julian Celaya P.6

Cultural Identity - One's belonging and relation to other cultures that is related to nationality, ethnicity, or religion.
The ethnicity I identify most is Filipino, which is on my mother's side of the family. They were all born and raised from the Philippines and they all moved here to California.
Geography: Where my people and half of my family comes the Philippines, which is located in Southeast Asia. The Philippines covers about 300,000 square kilometers. The town and city my family grew up in was
Language: The language my culture speaks is Tagalog. My family from my mother's side all know how to speak and understand the language. The present language used today is still Tagalog and English.
Physical Traits: The physical traits in my ethnicity would be dark toned skin. Most of my family that have Philippine blood all have a dark toned skin.
Food: The food my people eat is rice for breakfast, Palabok, Lumpia, Sisig for luch or dinner and desert, the most common is Biko.
Art: The art and architecture of the Philippines were strongly influenced by the patronage from the Roman Catholic Church. It was mostly of religious aspects that was put into the art. One famous artist is Fernando Amorsolo.
Music: The genre of music my people listen to folk songs as a cultural and religious aspect. One common song that is used in most dances is call Harana.

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