Fade Away BY: Cameron Bender Pd.3

The Band Great White's song "Save your Love" is reflecting on their lover the same as Holden is to Jane when he can't imagine being without her and how he was happy and didn't care about anything in the world when he holds Jane's hand when he describes Jane and how they encounter in Ch. 11 the same how Great White portrays their love and heart to there loved one

The Song Fade Away by Logic reflects on whoever you are your name will be forgotten in time and just accept death but use your life while you can. Holden's persona actually is based on time and how people try and try to gain something to be "Phony" and act a way when Holden does whatever he feels like or just doesn't give a crud about anything he shows how anything people try to be in the books or in lives sometimes is forgotten.

The song See you again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth is about how a lost friend and that'll the person will always be in their heart and will meet up with them soon and that this song is what Holden Caulfield would have because it represents him when Allie departed from him and that Allie would always be with Holden in heart and mind.

The song For whom the bells tolls by J.Cole is about time going by and changes happening and this is apparently him contemplating suicide because life was changing on him but he swayed away from it and learned life over time. This song reflects deep onto Holden as he lost Allie, Jane, and many of his loved ones over time but tries to hold onto time as a kid but realizes he must go through and not fake to himself and learns to accept it.

1st Band on the moon by Motley Crue is about in the 80s and early 90s as you know rock hair bands started dying and the band is missing their good times just like Holden is when he describes his life to us in the book and just wants to go back to those times he had just like Motley Crue does in the song.

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