Elijah Palm #10 Person Project

Esther: Is significant because she showed strength and courage to go to king and save the Jews without her a lot of Jews would be dead she helped a lot of people that it is good to stand up for what is right not to be afraid no matter the circumstances to be courageous with what she did she showed Gods love and sovereignty in all circumstances by going to the king she was brave to stand up to the king knowing that she could have been killed And what i learned was that you need to be brave in all situations and to be kind think about others not just yourself and if they can't stand up you do it with them with God.

I chose this because it is when Haman got what he deserved in the end because of his cruelty and selfishness he got what came to him.

This picture is one of Esthers attempt to tell the king but she did not because she did not relies that God was right next to her

I got this pic cause she wants to save her people but she does not know what to do so she is in the middle of good and evil

This Image shows her great Bravery and courage to present herself to the king when not called to save Gods people.

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Elijah Palm

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