Iceland A quick tOur Oct 24-27, 2015

At JFK waiting for flight. It is about 5 1/2 hours and will get us in Iceland at 6:15 AM!
We have arrived 😀
A city bus tour brings us to the Aurora Museum, the concert hall, the city pool, a church and the Pearl, a glass Dome that sits on six 4 million gallon hot water tanks.
We went out looking for the Northern Lights. You need clear skies and solar activity. We had the clear skies but the sun did not cooperate. It was 28 degrees out, very windy and there was a lot of ice all over. This church was the only photo taken.
The Blue Lagoon! It's like a gigantic hot tub in the middle of the lava fields. Outside temperature 28 degrees. Pool temperature between 100 and 110. After gang showers sans bathing suits, we hurried into the pool and enjoyed its " beautifying and healing powers" for one and a half hours! Bjorn, our guide told us to get out of the pool for two minutes periodically and then get back in. " Very good for your health." We passed on that!
Food at Resto's got an A+ from all of us. Food all over was very good. Fish and lamb are the specialities.
The Sun is shining for the first time in six weeks! October 24th is the first day of winter and it has snowed! We go on The Golden Circle Tour...first stop, the power plant. It was very interesting. The average family of 5 pays $75 a month for heat, hot water and electricity. Because it is so inexpensive due to the thermal activity underground, some roads are heated, the city pool is heated and they even pipe hot water into the North Atlantic in a little cove so the people can go to the beach and swim in the summer.
Next stop, a lake in a volcano. There are trails going down to the lake but it was too cold, windy and icy. We did not need to be told not to get off the main path!
The Strokkur geyser erupts about every 7 minutes and shoots 35 meters into the air. The water seen bubbling up all over is about 100 degrees when it flows in little streams in the area. We were told that families traditionally make a big pot of lamb soup on the first day of winter. We were a day late but we tried it for lunch. It was pretty good!
Gullfoss falls are pretty spectacular. Again, it was icy and we could not go on the lower paths.
There are 80,000 Icelandic horses on the island. They have long fur and can stay outside most of the time. In extreme weather, they are brought into the house!! Traveling through the countryside, you often see steam telling you there is a thermal pool. There are many summer homes. They are pretty far apart. The few trees and shrubs that you see appear to have been planted by the homeowners.
Our last stop was at Thingvellir National Park. Here is where the American and the Euraisan plates meet. They are drifting apart at 1 millimeter a year. People scuba between the plates. 
One night we had a wine party before dinner in Gerry's room. Soon it was waiting for the bus and waiting for the plane after dinner in the airport. It was really a fun trip. Iceland is an interesting country. The other members of our tour group thought it was pretty amazing that we had been friends since high school and were off at age 75 on an Icelandic adventure. They were right. We are amazing! 😉

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