Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving

"The Doer"

All about ESTP's

ESTPs have some advantageous traits that are unique to their personality type. Their skills of observation make them extremely good at correctly analyzing and assessing other peoples' motives or perspectives. Their people skills allow them to use this knowledge to their advantage while interacting with people. For this reason, ESTPs are excellent salespeople. They also have a special ability to react quickly and effectively to an immediate need, such as in an emergency or crisis situation. This is a valuable skill in many different professions, perhaps most notably in action-oriented professions, such as police work. ESTPs enjoy new experiences and dealing with people, and dislike being confined in structured or regimented environments. They also want to see an immediate result for their actions, and don't like dealing with a lot of high-level theory where that won't be the case. For these reasons, they should choose careers that involve a lot of interaction with people, and do not require performing a lot of routine, detailed tasks.

Character Traits


Live in the present moment

Dislike abstract theory without practical application

Like to see immediate results for their efforts

Fast-paced and energetic

Flexible and adaptable


Seldom work from a plan - make things up as they go

Fun to be around

Highly observant

Excellent memory for details

Excellent people skills


Excellent ability to see an immediate problem and quickly devise a solution

Attracted to adventure and risk

May be flashy or showy

Like initiating things - not necessarily following them through to completion

Possible Careers

Athletic coaching, all levels

Athletic official / referee

Athletic trainer

Bartender (especially ESTPs)


Business / business management

Chiropractor (ESTPs)

Computer / IT professional (ISTP)

Construction / heavy equipment operator


Custom wood-working / furniture maker (ISTPs)

Deejay / DJ



Entrepreneurship (especially ISTPs)

Field Scientist: environmental, geophraphic



Heating and cooling specialist

Home inspector

Human medicine: doctor / physician / surgeon

Land surveyor

Repair / maintenance worker

Mechanic / technician: automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, heavy equipment, airplane

Orthotist / prosthetist

Physical education teacher (especially ESTPs)

Physical therapy / therapist (ESTPs)



Police officer / private detective

Real estate agent (ESTPs)

Restaurant owner / manager

Sales and marketing (ESTPs)

Sports medicine, athletic trainer

Tool and die worker

Truck driver, courier


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