Sonuvabitch of a moron By: Jill Wood

There's always that one lazy, ignorant, and non-supportive person in your life. For chrissake just do your job! Why would [School] hire such a moron of a coach? There would be times I get yelled at for doing what i'm suppose to be doing. Say if I make sure I understand the set with another person, I would later get a talk on how disrespectful I was being. Sometimes I get this feeling that someone's always leaning on my chest, especially when I make mistakes and not do the right thing but on accident. Most times I want to yell and shout. I would like to say things like “Get your dirty stinking moron knees off my chest” or much worse. People ask willya ever talk back, but I just ignore them because i’m thinking about a supportive friend. When i’m in this mood, I like to give old friend a buzz. We would talk about the many morons attending school. Just saying that depresses the hell out of me. Why can’t be people be more mature? There was this one time, my “coach” yelled at me for having a negative vibe. The coach only saw his perspective and just assumed it was because of the sport. Yet, he didn’t even bother attempting to see my perspective. This was the type of thing that made you depressed, knowing someone only cares for himself and would not make an effort to see things differently. Selfish people are so corny. People may thing this characteristic may add to their personality but let’s be real. This selfishness needs to be stopped, it just makes you seem like a sonuvabitch.

What athletes see
What coach sees
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Jill wood


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