Spider Accomplice Music Video Treatment


A dead VK haunts her grave robbers (the band) in a Victorian Era house.

AS the song starts we see Vk in a coffin underground. up above the band digs

a lone field with a single grave in the distance.

Location/ Production Design

Primary location will be a study or library in an old victorian house.

We will see the guys in the band lounging around in the study, then we will cross cut to scenes with and without VK. When VK moves something, i.e. tosses a book, we cut to the guys reacting to book flying off the shelf with no sign of VK. As the music video continues VK becomes more agitated, and the guys become more and more distressed.



Everyone is dressed in elegant period clothing. VK wears a Victorian dress and the men look like dapper Victorian gentlemen.


The look and cinematography would be a combination of penny dreadful, Crimson peak, Hannibal, and nine inch nails "the perfect drug"

Created By
Juan De La Cruz

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