Dash World: Micro-economy of Dash

Masternodes act as Crypto-Bonds of the Future

"The next generation of Masternode Cloud Services will be run by Online Wallet Providers, Casino’s, Exchanges and anyone that owns a centralized service where people hold their Dash." (Matt Meek)

Masternode Network is the very foundation for the micro-economy of Dash!

Unlike bonds in the fiat world that do nothing, Masternodes secure the Network, and enable functioning of the PrivacyProtect, InstantX, Decentralized P2P payment processor and Social Wallets features. They also provide liquidity and pay profit!

Cryptocurrencies are independent of central issuers and so are not vulnerable to re-distributive inflationary pressures induced by political considerations. This is the principal advantage of cryptocurrencies over any fiat currency issued by central banks. Moreover, the real expenditure of resources (computer hardware and electricity) for mining cryptocurrencies provides a built-in scarcity that further restricts the possibility of inflation.

An owner of a Masternode is thus an owner of scarce assets that produce more of the scarce assets making it even scarcer and, hopefully, makes it worth more.

International migrants will send $601 billion to their families in other countries this year, with developing countries receiving $441 billion of that.

The fees they pay are exorbitant!

But money - in the form of DASH - does not get sucked in; instead it goes from one end of the world to another in mere seconds for a fee that's only a fraction of what the banks or other money-grubbing institutions are charging!

Just click send from your Dash Wallet...

... faster than the Maglev train.

And here it is! DASH circled the world in a jiffy, and started to facilitate production of goods and services on the other side of the globe...

They can sell their products online!

And here we are, the Dash World: Micro-Economy of Dash at its best! Nathan Marley's DashPayments for WooCommerce Plugin, once implemented and fully functional enables anyone anywhere in the world to accept DASH for their services and / or products.

Nathan is the community member. Initiative - support - adoption: the Micro-Economy of Dash!

They can sell their products in real life.

Dash N’ Drink at Miami Bitcoin Conference

Another success by the Dash community! Dash in real world.

The soda-machine project that was a hit at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami in January of 2016 and now think. Dash community members came up with the idea and executed it flawlessly: Camosoul who sourced machine, refurbished, retrofitted it; Moocowmoo - Code, InstantX Detection; Oaxaca - Funded Booth, Ideas and support; Solarminer - Screen and relay code, paper wallets; Splawik21 - Ideas and support; Raptor73 - 3D drawings; Thedashguy - Web design, paper wallet design; Fulltimegeek - Custom Android wallet with fast paper wallet import and IX sending; Hashfastengineeirng - Added IX to Android wallet; QuantumExplorer - Added IX to Apple wallet, all of them related only to the soda-machine project.

The possibilities are endless!

Dash World: Micro-economy of Dash places Dash on the forefront of P2P decentralized economy of tomorrow!

“We should push for the P2P Decentralized Profitable Revolution. Anyone can contribute AND profit from their efforts.”

Henry Giroux recently said: “We should live to improve our lives and the lives of others with great compassion, dignity and a sense of justice. Large numbers of people should not be struggling just to survive, condemned to the perils of economic and political deprivation.” Today, centralized organizations like the corrupt central banks, governments serving the plutocracy and corporatism control the entire system by force, inserting themselves in all facets of life so the first step of achieving the goal Giroux’ outlines is to remove intermediaries. P2P decentralized society dream is not that far-fetched anymore.

Thank you for your time.

GreyGhost, Dr. BobLQ and the Vanbex Group
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