GG Chance, Marina, and Kira

Daisy Buchanan
Nick Carraway
Nick Carraway moves to the West Egg to sell bonds. Nick goes to the East Egg to visit his second cousin once removed, Daisy. While he is there he meets a professional golfer, Jordan Baker, who he soon fall for. Daisy's husband, Tom Buchanan, knew Nick from college. Tom was a polo player.
Myrtle Wilson and Tom Buchanan
Nick and Tom went to New York because Tom wanted Nick to meets his girl, Myrtle. Tom, Nick, and Myrtle went to a party in New York. Tom and Myrtle got into a fight about Daisy and then Tom broke Myrtle's nose.
Jay Gatsby
Nick went to Jay Gatsby's party because he was invited by Jay. When he was at the party he saw Jordan and started to stick with her since he liked her. Then he met Gatsby. Gatsby wanted to tell Nick all about his history and when Nick was confused Gatsby explained that he didn't want Nick getting a bad impression of Gatsby through rumors.While Nick was there Gatsby asked him for a favor.
Jordan Baker
Gatsby told Nick that Jordan had all the information. So, Nick went to Jordan and figured out that Gatsby wants Nick to ask Daisy to tea and Gatsby will be there. Gatsby wants to see Daisy again because they met in the past and Gatsby still loves her. When they are there Nick gives them privacy then Gatsby wants to show them his house.
Jay Gatsby's car
On a hot day Tom, Daisy, Gatsby, Nick and Jordan all decide they want to go to town. Tom, Nick, and Jordan drive Gatsby's yellow car. Gatsby and Daisy take Tom's blue car. Wilson has figured out about Tom and Myrtle so when they stop to get gas Wilson isn't very happy and tells Tom that him and Myrtle are leaving town. Gatsby want to be with Daisy so he asks Daisy if she will tell Tom that she never loved him.
Tom Buchanan's car
While they are in town in a hotel Tom and Gatsby don't get along very well because of their love for Daisy. Gatsby and Daisy leave in Gatsby's car and Daisy drives. A little after Tom, Nick , and Jordan leave. As they drive by the Wilson's they notice a crowd and they go take a look. A yellow car was seen drive a way and Myrtle got ran over and died. Gatsby still takes the blame for it.
Myrtle and Mr. Wilson's Garage/House
Wilson goes to find whomever killed his wife. Tome told Wilson that it was Gatsby who killed his wife. Gatsby wanted Nick to go swimming with him but Nick said he would be right back. After Nick leaves Wilson finds Gatsby in the pool and as Nick enters the house he hears 2 gun shots. He went to the pool and found Gatsby dead in the pool and Wilson dead next to the pool.
Jay Gatsby's death
Nick plans Gatsby's funeral. Daisy and Tom leave for a trip. The people that attended Gatsby'd party didn't attend the funeral. Gatsby's dad, Henry, came to the funeral. Nick calls wolf to get details about the funeral. Nick soon realizes that we are all like Jay Gatsby.
Jay Gatsby's Funeral
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  • Pool:
  • Wilson's Garage:
  • Tom Buchanan' car:
  • Jordan Baker:
  • Jay Gatsby:
  • Myrtle Wilson and Tom Buchanan:
  • Nick Carraway:
  • Daisy Buchanan:


Created with images by Thad Zajdowicz - "Duesenberg for Gatsby"

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