Turkmenistan Mariella Guerrero-Bernal


The country's hemisphere is Northern and Eastern. This country is found in Central Asia.

The bordering countries around Turkmanistan is Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Afghanistan.
The capital city of Turkmanistan is Ashgabat with the coordinates are 38°N,58°E

Physical Features

My country's temperature zone is Temperate zone because my country is between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer
This is the Caspian Sea. This is the sea that is front of Turkmenistan. This is where the people of Turkmenistan get there fish.


There are 5.3 million people in Turkmenistan . This country is rank 117 in the World Rank. It's a medium country as in it's not that large or not small its just right.
The population density is 29.2 square miles. The wold rank is 215.It's not that very crowed country because most have much more than that number.
The growth rate of Turkmenistan is 1.26% and my country is an average country because its a developing country with is not the crowded
These are the top 5 populated areas in Turkmenistan Ashgabat, Turkmenabat, Dasoguz, Mary and Balkanabat.
My country is a rural place. There is a lot of manger cities in Turkmenistan
More people are entering Turkmenistan then leaving it because people want to see some amazing feathers. The net migration rate is 1.86/ 10,00 people.


Turkmenistan is a developing country. The information that you are going to read proves that Turkmenistan is still developing. The GDP per capita is less then $30,000 and that is the amount that a develop country has , there GDP per capita is $9,700.Turkmenistan life expectancy is 69.47 and that is less then a develop country witch is 78. There is also the literacy rate, Turkmenistan's literacy rate is good with 99.6.Overall Turkmenistan is a developing country.

Turkmenistan is a developing country


Turkmenistan main languages are Turkmen with 72%,m Russian with 12% and other with 7%. Also the main religions are Muslim with 89%, Eastern Orthodox with 9% and other with 2%.

One of Turkmenistan dishes is sheep. A lot of people like to eat sheep and they eat all the parts of it the eyeballs, brains, head and tail. Beef, camel meat , goat meat are served in some places as well.
Fish and caviar from the Caspian Sea are available to eat in Turkmenistan

Foods from Russia , Turkey , Middle East , China and Muslim county's are in Turkmenistan

The most famous dish in Turkmenistan is Pilau, better know as Plifar or in Russian , Palov . It's cooked from lamb, carrots , rice and onions.

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