Southern Comfort By Envy On The Coast


2010 | Rock

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"Another bee in the petals of a flower choked in the weeds. — Your mother lied when she said she knows of real beauty."


  • Envy On The Coast is a post-hardcore group founded in Long Island, NY in 2003.
  • Lowcountry was recorded at Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica. Envy On The Coast was one of the first bands to record a full-length record in the facility.
  • Released in January 2009, a photography book, Southern Comfort, authored and published by Emily Driskill, illustrated tour life with Envy on the Coast.


Luke Tatum

The intro is from an episode of the Twilight Zone. If you haven't indulged in watching a few episodes, it's a joy--insane alternate histories, moebius time loops, suspense everywhere! It was a favorite growing up, to be sure. "The State isn't God, Doctor," says Miss Tyler, as she rebels against the idea of being committed to an institution. The remainder of the song is more opaque, but I found it enjoyable. Still, that intro!

Sherry Voluntary

This rad song is one I that makes you want to fight or …….well, you know what I mean. To me, the lyrics seem to speak of the excesses of American society. Compared to a lot of the world we are all so comfortable and pretty, but underlying that is a society that is shallowly bathing and drowning in appearances and mindless consumption, but never being satiated. Focusing on optics rather than substance, and equality over equity. Many people drowning their emptiness and sadness and loneliness, trying to fill those holes with substances, food, tv, or a million other things. While libertarianism doesn’t dictate to people how they should live, it does have at it’s core one thing that will help a lot of these issues. Personal responsibility. So many people have resigned themselves to the system that is, and reject the one that could be because it requires them to engage in their lives knowing that they are ultimately responsible for their actions and behaviours. That is the bait. Overcoming it requires them to do something other that participate in the violent system that keeps them from getting their hands dirty while sharing in the spoil of theft and violence. That is the bait, that will continue to hook people. The world needs you and it needs your message. That is how we will help to foster new societies based on voluntary interactions and personal responsibility.

Nicky P

Let's have a conversation about culture. As i listen to the lyrics of this song it gets around in theme. What is it to be American. There are plenty of people out there ready to build walls empowering the state to separate us from "others" for all sorts of cultural reasons. The story they all tell is that you can't support freedom by letting in people who don't believe in freedom. I can't help but think there's more than a little bit of hypocrisy in those words because we can see within our own nation the sprawal and growth of socialism from state to state based on intranational migration. Say nothing of the fact that if you can't uphold the principles of freedom without violence then what are you really standing up for? The freedom to oppresss others? It's just oppression by another name. This song makes some overtures about what it means to be"other" and to be American. I'm not sure there is a universal American that would agree. Personally the idea of an American in general makes little sense. I want to show everyone how great the individual can be.

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Nicky P

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