Howard Carter one man...one tomb...one historic discovery

Have you ever thought about who it was that made the most revolutionary discovery of ancient Egypt? Everybody likes to talk about ancient Egypt because of all of the interesting findings and things people have seen.One of Egypt's most famous rulers of all time was king Tutankhamun although he was only a pharoah for around 10 years.Nobody actually knows how he died but there are many theories around this mystery.Due to the fact pharoah's tombs are built while they are still living,king Tut's was particularly smaller than the average one that made it hard to find.His tomb was believed to be in the Valley of kings.A man called Howard Carter spent years there digging for the tomb.He was courageous,fearless and let nothing get in his way.On November 22nd of the year 1922 he made a world changing discovery in the Valley of kings.

Howard Carter was born on the 9th of May 1874 in London, he was born into a wealthy family, as his dad [Samuel Carter] was a successful portrait painter.His mother [Martha-Joyce Carter] was a housewife.Howard was a sickly child,so was sent to live with his auntie in Norfolk,he had private home-schooling and an artistic streak from a very early age.He never wanted to be a painter like his father,his interest in Egypt sparked when his father painted a portrait of a well known egyptologist.When Howard told his father he wanted to be an archaeologist not a painter,his father [with connections] got him a job painting ancient artifacts that have been found.So in 1891 at the age of 17 he left home and went to Egypt to start a revolutionary journey.

In 1891,it was a hard time for Howard because he was travelling around Egypt helping all of the archaeologist's.These places include Amarna, Deir el-Bahari, Thebe, Edfu and Abu Simbel. Also, he earned praise for using innovative and modern methods to help him draw. His father inspired him by drawing things around the subject of Egypt. He got his job through his father and his friends.

Lord Carnavon was fascinated with Egypt so hired Carter to do a dig for king Tut's tomb, as Carter figured out that was the only tomb left. He got Carter a dig license and hired a crew to search with him. Lord spent millions of pounds without finding anything he made a second guess Carter. They had spent five years looking for the tomb without finding anything.A few weeks after they found the tomb the Lord sadly died of blood poisoning.


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