Sacagawea by ella

Sacagewea was born in 1788 in Lemhi river valley in Idaho she died April 9 of 1884 Sacagewea grew up near the rocky mountains in a land that is here today. In the state of Idaho she was part of the Shoshone tribe. Sacgewea Dad was the leader of the tribe they live in teepees she was like 11 when her tribe was attacked and she was a slave.

In 1804 Sacagewea met Lewis and Clark they came to save Sacagewea fro being a slave Lewis and clark have been sent from president Thomas Jeferson.

Sacagewea had baby boy in 1805 his name is Jean Baptise he was born in the winter.

The travel the pacific ocean sacagewea was really amazed how big the ocean they whet in a canoe and set off home. After that she live for another seventeen years then died on April 9 1984.

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