James monroe by:nate thompson


His father was a carpenter and a farmer. He also died when James was 16 causing James to take care of his younger siblings. He is wealthy because his mother, Nelly Conway, had a father who was a rich tobacco merchant.


James Monroe enrolled in college at the College of William and Mary. However is education was cut short due to the revolutionary war.


He wanted to strengthen the American foreign policy with the Monroe Doctrine and he wanted to warn European countries against further colonization. He also helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase.


` He was the governor of Virginia and served in the revolutionary war. He had impressed many people and he had a good impact for expanding the nation.


James Monroe made the Monroe doctrine, which no longer allowed the European countries to colonize the U.S. any more. Also he made the admitted 5 states.

fun facts

James monroe was the 3rd president to die on July 4th

-The white house was painted for the first time the same year Monroe was president.

-James Monroe was re-elected during the “Era Of Good Feelings”

-He was nicknamed “The Last Cocked Hat” which meant that he played an important role in the American revolution of independence.


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