Limpricht Park a christiansted revitalization project

Vintage and Collectibles Fair Continues to Drive Visitors to Christiansted

Four years ago, the Christiansted Community Alliance (CCA) hit on a plan to revitalize the town of Christiansted. In March 2014, the CCA started the first Vintage and Collectibles Fair in the heart of Christiansted, St. Croix in an oft-forgotten place, Limpricht Park.

Limpricht Park in Christiansted is a hidden treasure
The Christiansted Community Alliance hosts a semi-annual Vintage and Collectibles Fair every December and March, which has promoted awareness of Limpricht Park
The event was started four years ago and dozens of vendors offer antiques, collectibles, plants and so much more....
...including custom pillows
fruits like this carambola...
and artwork!

On Saturday, December 1, 2018, CCA hosted the semi-annual event offering more than 40 vendors that included local retailers, craftsmen and women, and non-profit groups. The Vintage and Collectibles Fair started as a way to revitalize Christiansted by creating more activity in the historic town, and promoting awareness of Limpricht Park. The group also wanted to make sure the event would not be in direct competition with the town’s businesses, but rather provide an opportunity to get people back to Christiansted to enjoy the shops, restaurants, and the park.

Isabel Brady, vice-president of the Christiansted Community Alliance says it has revitalized Christiansted.

"It has certainly brought about an awareness of the park and a revitalization of its use. There have been birthday parties, weddings, and pop up events there now. It belongs to all of us and can be used for lots of different types of events."

- Isabel Brady

At Saturday’s Vintage and Collectibles Fair, visitors browsed antiques, collectibles, plants, custom jewelry, art, books, photography, furniture, plants, local honey, clothing, recycled glass products and much more. They also enjoyed food and information booths about the history of the Virgin Islands.

This year, the Children’s Museum of St. Croix offered different activities for children. They had tables set up for interactive play with blocks, magnets, paints, and clay, and museum organizers also brought Santa who handed out books and teddy bears to children.

The fair started out being held three times as a year, but has been changed to twice annually on the first Saturday in March and the first Saturday in December.

The Children's Museum of St. Croix offered interactive play for students, as well as arts and crafts activities. They even brought Santa, who gave out children's books and teddy bears.
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