More By Grace knUtson

She was a passionate girl, says the flute,

On the glass desk in front of the sheet music

And a loving girl too, says the boxes,

Filled and ready to be sent to children in need.

She loves God with all her heart, says the bible,

On the ground, marks on every page,

Thin with use.

God brings her joy says the crosses on the wall above the couch.

She truly cares says the dog in the bed,

Asleep by the fireplace and the cow in the barn turning to watch her.

She looses herself in books says the bookshelf,

about to explode with her multitude of books;

And she dreams of magic say the movie posters,

Beside the bookshelf, in a place of honor.

She wants more says the money on the desk, beside the flute.

The map in the frame says she wants to go places.

The movie posters beside the bookshelf say she dreams of magic.

And her family? They'll come too,

say the pictures of their various adventures on the wall.

She wants more says the Baylor poster and the K-9 patch,

She wants more they say.

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