Tattoos on the Heart Project By: Ben BaUSback

Preface and Introduction: This is when we are Introduced to our main character, Fr. Greg Boyle. He is a modest man who works with delinquents who want to become better people. He has a business called "Homeboy Industries". Greg tries to get these people to get a chance at a job. He doesn't want them to be turned down because they are criminals, because he knows they have changed.

Chapter 1: God, I Guess- Chapter One is a really good way to start this book. It gives more information about Father Greg Boyle. He is going to get the delinquents to choose God instead of evil. He will change their hearts for good. The chapter's title relates to the chapter because the criminals choose God, the guess.

Chapter 2: Some of these stories in this chapter are very interesting. My favorite one is Lula's story. He has a very outgoing personality. Even though he gets horrible grades, he is still happy. He was very happy because he had 0 absences. The chapter relates to the title of the chapter because Lula knows that God will always love him even when he gets bad grades; even if Lula feels disgraceful.

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