Whos on drugs? Angeline mclean 1/11/17

Ruby Smith was just a little girl who wanted to act big. She was 14 and apparently her coloring books just weren't cutting it. She thought coloring was an escape from the stress of her mother passing away. Usually in Vermont they're isn't much trouble no one in her family took drugs except for her father who sprained his knee at a construction site while working. Ruby's father went to the doctor where he was then prescribed pain killers. While Ruby's father was off paying the bills, because her mom passes away from cancer, Ruby was at school trying to maintain her grades. The stress began to add up as her first midterm at Wallingford Highschool crept up on her. Ruby had enough of it one day she went in her bathroom locked the door behind her and started taking her fathers pain killers she thought that the pills would help her. What she did not know was that everyday in the US, 2500 youth (12 to 17) abuse prescription drugs for the first time. She didn't even think about it she just knew what she had to do at the time, and in her mind what she was doing was right. As most people know pain killers are hard to quit and don't help stress. About 2 weeks later, as the pain killers came to end the side affects had just started. Some of the short term physical effects she has were constipation, slow breathing, blurred vision, hallucinations, and loss of appetite. Some long term physical effects she had were drowsiness, highly addictive withdrawals, and seizures. When she went to school her friends noticed something wrong about her. They told her dad that she had been having hallucinations, depression, panic, and psychosis. When her dad put the missing pieces of the puzzle together he had realized that his daughter was on drugs. Her dad told her that he had to keep restocking his pills which costed a lot of money on top of all the bills they had to pay for there new apartment. After Ruby's friends knew that she was on drugs they all left her out of their group activities and such. While the whole world around her was tearing apart she told her dad the only reason why she swallowed the pain killers, twice every other day, at her house, was because she knew it didn't cost her any money and all the stress. Even though she didn't know the consequences of drugs cause she had never taken them before. After Ruby told her Dad her dad grounded her, hid the drugs, and took her to the doctors. There were no legal consequences cause she had not stolen the drug from someone who wanted to sue her. Her dad was dealing with so much he decided to tell the school and let them take care of it. She was then sent to a counselor for help.

If addicted I recommend detox programs, therapy to avoid releasing and out treatment centers

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