Hoyland Common Primary Our values

“Developing confident, happy, self-motivated learners who enjoy learning and see it as a life long adventure”

There’s something in the water at Hoyland Common. Something different. Our children love coming to school. They know that they will be inspired everyday. They know that they will be challenged - and they have been taught to relish challenges. Finding things tough is something to be enjoyed. Problems are there to be solved. We deal in ‘Head-Hurt Learning” - that ice cream brain freeze moment, when you’re on the edge of learning something new, when you’re about to understand some new concept. When you’re uncomfortable. That eureka moment when something finally clicks - “oh, I get it now” echoes around our corridors and classrooms.

Challenge, expectation, resilience. We are the solvers of problems. We are the leaders, the collaborators. We learn with and from each other every day. We take responsibility for our learning, so we thrive on new challenges and experiences.

We are the innovators. The shapers of the future. We are the next builders, designers, educators and thinkers.

Our jobs don’t exist yet. Yet, we are prepared for the future because we think ‘outside of the box’. We are curious. We are resilient and we have the confidence to defend and justify our beliefs. We have the empathy to understand - to listen and to hear and value others.

We are the next generation. We are the future. We care about our future world. We will fiercely protect OUR planet and we believe in the fundamental ‘goodness’ of its people. We are Hoyland Common. And we are proud!