National Women's Day About Ada lovelace

By: The One and only Josey and Karla!

Ada Lovelace

Summery in seven words: Talented family and devoted herself to inventing.

Augusta Ada Byron is now known as Ada Lovelace.Ada Lovelace was the daughter of a famous poet and had a gift for mathematics at an early age. She became an inventor and was good at computer science. She was one of the first computer programmers. Science and mathematics were not taught to women at the time, but her mother got her tutors to teach her these things. She met writer, Charles Dickens and inventor, Michael Faraday. She died from cancer at the age of thirty six.

This video below goes more in depth about Mrs. Ada Lovelace.

Ada Lovelace was a smart, young girl whose family had lots of knowledge and didn't doubt women's ability to do things.
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Created with images by dullhunk - "Ada Lovelace, a color woodcut-style portrait, based on the nineteenth century A. E. Chaton portrait."

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