#Compelled2Go What are you #Compelled2do?

Thailand, home to more than 68,000,000 people, is the most Buddhist nation on the face of the earth. Among the 77 provinces in this nation, only four have a significant number of Christians. The other 73 are predominately unreached, untouched by the Gospel. Among Thailand's five major geographic regions, the northeast region, often called Isaan, is the least reached of all. Among the nearly 22 million people who reside in Isaan, fewer than 1 in every 1,000 are followers of Christ. And, in the five provinces of the Mekong River hub in the far northeast of Thailand, an area the size of the USA state of South Carolina, only 0.15% of the population are Christians with a mere eight Assemblies of God churches among them. It is a region of southeast Asia that is filled with darkness. It is a region of Southeast Asia that is ripe for harvest.

There are 4,980 distinct communities in the five provinces that are the focus of our work. Each of these communities averages more than 700 residents, yet there are only 120 Protestant churches of any denomination in this entire area, and only 8 of those are in the Assemblies of God fellowship. This means that the vast majority of the 3.5 million people who live here have never met a Christian and will have no opportunity to meet a Christian in their lifetime, unless someone is #Compelled2Go and tell them about Jesus.

We are the Brown family and we are #Compelled2Go to Isaan to bring good news to those who have never heard of Jesus. Our plans are to locate in Sakon Nakhon Province and focus our next six years of work in this provinces and the other four provinces that wrap around Sakon Nakhon and border along the Mekong River.

We are Wayne and Tammy Brown and we have been appointed missionaries with the Assemblies of God World Missions since November 2004. We served our first term of ministry at OneHope where Wayne was director of the OneHope movie ministry and Tammy served in communications and hospitality. In early 2008, the Lord spoke individually to Wayne and then to Tammy, directing both of them to Thailand. We moved to Bangkok Thailand with our youngest daughter, Rebecca, in October 2010, where we served as directors of the Asia Pacific Student Abroad Initiative (APSAI).

Today, we are #Compelled2Go to Isaan (northeast Thailand), the least reached, most unchurched region of Thailand.

Today, we are #Compelled2Know the people of Isaan, their language, their culture, and their worldview, so that we may have an opportunity to understand them and to allow them to see Christ in us in ways that they will understand.

Today, we are @Compelled2Show the love of Christ to the people of Isaan through various means of serving the needs of individuals and communities with Christlike compassion.

Today, we are #Compelled2Tell the people of Isaan about Jesus. It is our heartfelt desire to bring Christ to the youth and young adults of this region, to disciple them in knowledge and understanding of Christ, and to mobilize those who follow Christ to duplicate their love for Christ in the hearts and minds of others who do not know Jesus, and to do this throughout Isaan, across all of Thailand, and around the world.

Our mission is to boldly proclaim the gospel to all the people of Thailand. We see God moving in Thailand in ways that have never been seen before, especially in Isaan. While the nationwide growth of the church is now nine times faster than the general population growth rate, the majority of this country remains unreached, leaving tens of millions of people with no one in their community to tell them about Jesus. This is especially true for Isaan, which is the least reached region of Thailand.

We envision a day when ministers and lay-leaders are rising up from among the Thai Christians and taking ownership of the charge to fearlessly and boldly proclaim the gospel to everyone in Thailand. Therefore, we are #Compelled2Go, #Compelled2Know, #Compelled2Show, and #Compelled2Tell.

What are you #Compelled2Do?

As Assemblies of God missionaries, we are totally dependent on donations from individuals, families, businesses, and churches. We work in partnership with our donors back in the USA and the family of believers here in Thailand to spread the good news throughout the country. Without our donors, we cannot do the work that God has called us to do. We need you!

You can make a donation to our ministry as well as set up a recurring monthly donation and faith promise on our donor management web page. Just visit http://give.TheVitalMessage.org and click on Give Now to make a one-time donation or Setup Recurring Gift to setup a faith promise and an automatic monthly contribution.

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