Harn Museum of Art Cory Harrington

This is me about to head into the Harn Museum for the first time. Entrance is very modern and aesthetically pleasing. I also liked the pond under the pathway to the entrance. The entrance definitely set the tone for what the rest of the museum was going to be like.
I saw a picture of this statue on the Harn website. Seeing it in person, it was larger than I expected. I was also impressed by how detailed it was. It reminded me of a mix of the Nike at the Louvre and the Athena that used to be in the Parthenon because of the similarities in color and depiction.
This is a picture of an interpretive painting of another well known painting. However, I couldn't help but see a guy eating pizza in the lower corner (it was supposed to be a group of people).
Going through the exhibit of the Guerrilla Girl artists was definitely an informative experience. Silly, old me thinking that art was one of the only niches where women have actually been overrepresented. Sadly, not the case.
There were a few rooms like this that featured a piece of art in a locked room that was unroofed and surrounded by vegetation. Differences in scenery in my opinion, seemed to make the art pieces more interesting. Room after room of plain white walls in a way can put more focus on the actual artwork, but can also be boring and not give the gallery much ambience.
I was happy to find this sculpture of Ganesh having taken two exams the days before. Being a problem solver himself, he spoke to me and told me I need to calm down more and not stress so much. I'll try to listen to him as much as possible this semester.

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