The monkeys paw by jake Floyd Author:W.w jacobs

One should be careful what they wish for because there are consequences to greed. Mr and mrs white were greedy when they wished for 100 pounds. They only saw good things coming from their wish.while they got 200 pounds,the conquences of there greed caused them to lose their son.

The monkeys paw author w.w Jacobs connects his purpose or message to the theme threee times in the story. His message was to get the reader to understand the consequences of greed and wishing for the things that may not be what's the best for you.

An analysis of ''the monkeys paw'' shows the consequences of the main characters' greed and their wish for money.

The author used symbolized and imaginary. The monkey paw was a symbol of guilt because the parents felt guilty after they son died . The paw also represented "magic'' b/c the parents just had to say "we wish for"

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