Better health choices By: sabrina grant

Make healthier holiday choices

1.) Create MyPlate makeovers

You can improve your diet by adding healthy foods and changing the way your plate looks. You want your plate to look like this: by making a rainbow of fruits and vegetables or half a plate of them.

2.) enjoy all the food groups at your celebration:

Have a variety of foods, as MyPlate shows us. Have grain, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protien. You want to have a variety of foods when you're eating so you can balance your diet.

3.) Make sure your protien is lean

Turkey; roast beef; fresh ham; beans; and types of fish, are lean protien choices. Trim fat before cooking any type of meat. Don't add a lot of gravies or sauces because they can add saturated fats and sodium.

4.) Cheers to good health

Quench your thirst with low calorie beverages. Make sure your juice is 100% fruit juice, and no added sugars/flavors. You can also add water to fruits to dilute.

5.) Bake healthier

Use recipes without any sugary substances, like sugary apple sauce, or sugary butter. Try cutting the sugar in recipes in half. Use spices instead of sugar and salt to add flavor.

6.) Tweak the sweet

For dessert, try baked healthy fruits or veggies with cinnamon instead of a pie. Invite your guests to make their own parfait with colorful options.

7.) Make excersize part of the fun

Make being active part of your family/holiday tradition. You can walk and talk with your family members after your holiday meal. Give gifts that encourage people to work out like running shoes, reusable water bottles, or workout DVDs. Reminder; play 60.

8.) Enjoy leftovers

Create new creative meals that could be the more healthier option. Add turkey to soups or salads or add extra veggies and eat more eggs.

9.) Give to others

Spend some time giving healthy foods to people who want help. Give food to local food banks or serve meals at a homeless shelter during the holidays.

Eating foods away from home

1.) Consider your drink

Choose water, fat-free drinks or low-fat milk, unsweetened tea, or any other drinks without any added sugars.

2.) Savor a salad

Start your meal with a salad packed

This is a healthy food;

Healthy food is better for you because there are no added sugars or carbs that can hurt your body or bring health problems into your life.

These are unhealthy foods;

These foods are so bad for you. They can bring health problems that could lead to death. This is also bad for you because you could get fat.

Healthy choices:

We all should increase in healthy foods and decrease in fattening foods. Healthy foods are very good for you, as I already said.

These would be balanced meals during a day


There are many ideas for breakfast. There are unhealthy options; bacon, French toast. And there are healthy options; bananas with toast and eggs.

Nutrient empty foods & Empty calorie foods:

Nutrient empty foods are foods like chocolate or Oreos. Empty calorie foods are just the same.

Physical activities:

There are many physical activities that you could do to be healthy. Some examples are; running, jogging, speed walking, using the treadmill, excersise got anything else.

Resource: USDA guidelines/tips.

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